Video: If only there was a bank that would lend me money for my dank memes! – This bank in Italy will give you a loan in exchange for parmesan cheese!


Whether they’re students or businesses, lots of people have to take out loans from the bank. For cheese farmers, there’s a bank in Italy that will literally accept *cheese* as collateral for loans. This is the story of three men and millions of dollars worth of that proverbial cheddar.

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Video: The Gold digger – Supra is love. Supra is life…and Lasse Tonby’s wild 700hp matte gold machine powered by the bulletproof 2JZ-GTE 3.0L, inline-six turbo is proof!

We don’t give a f**k if you’re a hipster, bogan, skeg, punk or even an alien. Shock Mansion is for the people and aliens internationally – @lindo.__ shot by @jacksonobrien_!