Video: 1000 degrees bait bike! – Dudes tape blow torches on a bike seat, wait for someone to come along a steal it burning their butt, then spray them with a fire extinguisher!


If you catch someone stealing a bike, you have a free pass to do whatever you want to them for your youtube channel and no one will care. Burn their buns, spray them with fire extinguisher, and watch the views skyrocket!


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Damn @shan_hawkins, you are smoking in our ‘Worldwide’ cut off tee and ‘Sherbert’ eyewear – Both pieces available online. Shout out to @lux.shooter for the fire shot!

Video: “I feel bad knowing your death is coming. I’m scared for you” – Relationship goals? Stoner attempts ridiculous weed challenge. A 2 gram dab of Green Crack and Snowman!