Video: “I’m not down with that moody booty sh*t!” – Crazy drugged lady imprints on some poor bastard trying to get to work like a baby duck. Nobody wants to help him escape!


1988 called, and they want their video camera back. Guy going to work: “Can someone hold this crazy woman for me while I escape?” Onlookers: “Nah, we’re good. we don’t want hepatitis!” Buy her a beer and pour it in a bowl for her to lick. Works every time.


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Video: Watch it before it gets deleted! – The new Deadpool trailer has leaked, and it features Ryan Reynolds’ butt pressed against glass and Deadpool resting his head on a dead guy’s stomach!

Video: Redneck Baptism – Rollin’ Coal. It’s been labelled as ‘Prius Repellent Pollution Porn’. But the real question is where can I donate to help these poor kids with their cancer treatment!