Video: German’s version of Stränger Zings? – Netflix drops ‘Dark’ and it’s another heavy hitter. A missing child sets families on a frantic hunt but their search unearths a town’s secrets!


Keeping track of every original film and series coming to Netflix was already a challenging and mind-melting task before the streaming giant decided to start directly producing content outside of the United States. Sure, they’ve acquired projects that were created around the world before, but their new move into Europe suggests an even grander plan…and even more shows you need to find time to watch.


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Video: Kylian Castells’ Black Carnival – It’s big and terrifying. Nazaré will pound you so deep your eardrums will bleed. Drown you with no remorse. Scared? We are too!

Video: Watch it before it gets deleted! – The new Deadpool trailer has leaked, and it features Ryan Reynolds’ butt pressed against glass and Deadpool resting his head on a dead guy’s stomach!