Video: Meanwhile in Memphis, Tennessee…Place your bets. It’s a Crips vs. Bloods gang fight. No weapons. No sucker punches. Just fists, courage, and shocking technique!


Memphis, Tennessee serves as the Southern headquarters for clicks in the United States. According to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department, there are approximately 182 gangs with 84,000 gang members in the county. Major cliques like OTM Business, King Gate Mafia, Douglass MAAB, Young Mob, Murda Squad, Trulla Mafia, Hood Mob, O Gangboyz and Fast Cash Boys, Grape Street Crips, Bloods, Concrete Cartel Vice Lords, and the Folk Nation Gangster Disciples, with a growing presence of Latino gangs. In other words. Be careful what colours you wear.


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Video: Sweet mother of god. 18-year-old in police custody after an 185kph chase ends with a beautiful spike strip trap and a truly absurd flying crash straight into orbit!

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