Video: Merkules, the lyrical Canadian monster that was famously nearly murdered with a machete and baseball bat, just set the world on fire with his new ‘Shape Of You’ remix!


Better than Ed Sheeran’s original? Everyone online seems to think so, simple due to the fact that this remix is blowing the f**k up. Hit the jump to check it out, and find out a little more about the big homies insane past. Shout out to Ben White for the submission.

For those that don’t know. A few years ago now, rapper Merkules was the target of a serious attack. His visible scars on his face tell the tale of how his life was nearly taken over an argument in the street at the spry age of 16. He recorded his first song ever and as he was walking home some ruffians were drinking and driving, nearly hit Merk’s posse, the two parties exchanged words, a scuffle ensued and Merkules was struck about the head with a bat and face with a machete. Listen to the gnarly story below.


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