Video: Kazakhstan military helicopter pilot landed on a snowy highway to ask a trucker for directions after forgetting which direction they came from!


Initially we thought this had to be in Russia, but it’s actually their neighbor, the country made famous by Borat, Kazakhstan. That big expensive helicopter and they don’t even have GPS?

Translation from EucalyptusDictator on Reddit:

Loose fucking translation (from 0:00)
OPERATOR: Is he fucking high or something? Fuck me in the mouth, he landed in the middle of the fucking road!
OPERATOR: Vytya (another truck driver), get out of the fucking way before he fucks you off the road with his rotors.
OPERATOR: Is he showing us something?
Truck driver 2: Looks like MchS (Ministry of emergencies) helicopter.
Truck driver 2: (unintelligible chatter)
Truck driver 2: The fucking guys got fucking lost! They were circling around and forgot which fucking way they came from! Fuck your mother! He came running to me asking which way is Oktyobinsk!
OPERATOR: Fuck me, are they fucking cadets from Oktyobinksk or something. Fuck your mother, how can you get fucking lost in a middle of a fucking steppe?
Truck driver 2: Are you filming?
OPERATOR: I’m filming, I’m fucking filming.
Truck driver 2: (unintelligible)


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