Video: The 350kph raging bulls – Legend says, that these flame spitting, boost addicted, top of the food chain twin turbo Lamborghini’s, cannot be beaten on the highway!


“Here is one of the videos we’ve been wanting to put together for our 1320Video fans for a LONG time – a twin turbo Lamborghini montage of some of the CRAZIEST Lambos we’ve seen throughout the years! The TT Lambos are at the top of our list for favourite street cars due to their high horsepower AND street-a-bilitiy! Some say the twin turbo Lamborghinis can’t be beat on the highway, but many have tried! GT-R’s, Supras, bikes…these high horsepower Lamborghinis have lined up against anything and everything and still just can’t seem to be beat!” – 1320video.


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