Video: The future of Art, spotted in Australia – Through the lens of ‘EyeJack’ an Augmented Reality App, a new project hopes to change how we interact with the world!


Artist and comic creator Sutu, aka Stu Campbell, explored the use of AR as a storytelling tool in his 2014 comic “Modern Polaxis.” Now he’s taking the technology he and his business partner Lukasz Karluk developed even further, exploring its use as a tool for artistic expression. His latest project is called “Prosthetic Reality,” an art book that features the work of 45 artists from around the world. Each artwork, when viewed through the free EyeJack app for iOS and Android, comes to vivid life, with a colourful animation and soundscape that reveals a deeper meaning.

A video posted by EyeJack (@eyejackapp) on

A video posted by EyeJack (@eyejackapp) on


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