Video: No Fear. Discipline. Lung Capacity. And A Fantastic Ass. – Journey Down The Free Dive Rabbit Hole With Cinematographer Justin David Baluch And Some Smoke Show Babes!


When you dive down a tube and an eel bites your boob, that’s a moray. Justin David Baluch is a marine-based Cinematographer and Director of Photography based out of North Shore, Oahu and has a background in computer engineering. Justin specializes in freediving and marine lifestyle imagery and has worked with an extensive array of underwater projects and active lifestyle brands. For more please visit his Instagram @jdbaluch.

A video posted by JUSTIN DAVID 〰 (@jdbaluch) on

A video posted by JUSTIN DAVID 〰 (@jdbaluch) on

A video posted by JUSTIN DAVID 〰 (@jdbaluch) on


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