Video: ‘Mad’ Mike Whiddett has unveiled the shocking transformation of his ‘MADBUL’ RX7 drift car, after putting an RX3 front end on it!

madbul (2)madbul

More than a decade ago MADBUL was brought to life, it was ‘Mad’ Mike Whiddett’s first drift car and one that set his name in stone in the drift community. Now he is calling it Gen 7.3, because it’s half RX3, his favourite car of all time, and half RX7. Working with Rocket Bunny, they built this custom kit joining the 70’s era RX3 to the 90’s era RX7, it’s all themed back to old school Mazda racing.

madbul (5)

madbul (4)

madbul (3)

madbul (1)


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