Video: God damn it, it’s not a phase mum! – Sure, these grape flavoured candy clouds contain toxic aldehydes which damage lungs. But this dank kid puts dragons to shame!


“So grateful for all of the love I’ve gotten over the past few days, it’s the reason I kept going. I love all of you. I have something special planned for 5K will have details soon. Also I am now sponsored by @nerdyejuice all these are so damn dank!” – @iansaan.


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Video: Australia Day was lit, and as you would expect, the shenanigans pulled were top notch. Barbie’s, beers, dangerous backyard activities, and driveway skids for the kids!

Video: “You Thai’s are all c**ts!” – Crazy Aussie living in Thailand tried to set his own house on fire because his Thai wife left him!