Video: “You never seem to hurt yourself?” – Meet Aussie Truckie Ken Pillar. Guilty of dangerous driving, and bad acting. What was he really doing with his girlfriend behind the wheel?


The family of a South Australian woman killed in a head-on collision feels disgusted and insulted by the truck driver convicted over the crash and “his attempts” to avoid prosecution, the District Court has heard. Pillar claims he had a coughing fit and blacked out multiple times during the trial. Prosecutors say he was distracted by his girlfriend at the time of the crash. Maria Dowdell, 61, known as Mary, was killed when the semi-trailer Pillar was driving veered onto the wrong side of the road colliding with her car head-on.

New footage below shows his 31-year-old girlfriend Belinda Thornton, who was a passenger in the truck during the crash, coming to his aid as he collapses in front of a Seven Network TV crew.


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