Video: Majestic. A thing of beauty. Peak perfection. What a time to be alive – Fat man diving off a bridge for our sins might very well be the first thing to inspire me in 2017!


What an amazing creature this man is. I felt a spiritual connection. Beware, I don’t even have epilepsy and that explosion at the end practically gave me a seizure. Worth it though. Would watch on repeat for the next 10 years.


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Video: “Honey it’s fine, it’s not like he can get inside a locked door on a moving bus” – Wild eyed maniac smashes his way onto bus, shouts spine chilling threats, but doesn’t back it up!

Video: Hammered drunk man hits a car full of women on his bicycle, tells them all to “Shut the f*ck up!” and punches their car, then gets a gun pointed at his head!