Video: 7-foot-7 freshman Robert Bobroczky makes high school basketball debut, blows people’s minds, eats 7 times per day, over 4,000 calories in order to bulk up and dominate!


Robert Bobroczky is not your average freshman. He’s 7’7″ at just 16 years old and he just made his debut as a member of the varsity basketball team at the Spire Institute as a freshman. Look out Manute Bol (7’7″)! If this kid keeps growing and improves his basketball skill set, he could be the tallest in NBA history. “I’m mostly trying to get my body stronger and better,” Bobroczky said. “I’m eating 4,000 calories per day and want to weigh between 220-230 pounds by the end of the season. I’m also working on my speed, mobility, and every part of my game.”


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