Video: This Fox News reporter thought he was dealing with a rascal named Carter. Little did he know the boy was actually Connor, a fire-starting savage who never minces words!


A young schoolboy has become an internet sensation after he appeared on live American TV and declared “screw our President”. Hilarious footage of the cheeky f**ker who also bragged he’d started a fire at an anti-Trump rally – quickly went viral across the world. Some called him an American hero, while others said it was disgraceful. Kids are being raised by disrespectful parents with liberal diseased minds. Kids that will grow up brainwashed and diseased. Unlawfulness will not stand. Whatever the case may be, get ready freaks!


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Video: It’s hard to name twenty words starts with the letter Z, but Mac Lethal is able to make a full rap using words starting with the letter, because he is such a G, and the G stands for genius!

Video: Haters will say it’s a fake – I’ve been waiting forever for actions sports to adopt the use of portal guns. If you’re not teleporting yourself to trails, you’re not doing it right!