Video: Lord have mercy. My sincerest apologies to all of the other females on earth, but Sommer Ray has the greatest ass I’ve ever seen. She makes everyone else look like street urchins!


“Because videos are better than pictures.” I couldn’t have said it better myself baby. Can’t wait to see you tonight. Oh wait a second, she doesn’t know I exist. Time to slide into those DM’s and get rejected. Brb. While some people like to unwind after a tough week with a nice glass of wine, I prefer to gawk at Sommer’s majestic backside. Different strokes for different folks.

A video posted by Sommer Ray (@sommerray) on


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Video: Watch this guy hand feed a couple of alligators breakfast, patting them like dogs, and he surprisingly still has all his fingers!

Video: It’s hard to name twenty words starts with the letter Z, but Mac Lethal is able to make a full rap using words starting with the letter, because he is such a G, and the G stands for genius!