Video: Racism still rampant in 2017 – White kid runs for his life after calling classmate a “f**ken ni**er”. Meanwhile, a black man hurls abuse at an interracial couple while they eat!


Recently, footage hit the web showing a white student getting knocked down by a black classmate. Mad that he lost the quick skirmish the long-haired boy got up and yelled, “See you in juvie, b***h!” The black kid, who knocked down his mad classmate, didn’t decide to retaliate upon hearing the comment. However, as the white kid angrily stormed out, he decided to follow up his comment by yelling, “f***ing n****r!” This had the fight victor jump across a table and chase after the white kid, who was later seen yelling for help.

An interracial couple was confronted by racist individual in a restaurant while they were having a meal and the man behind the camera did not hold back. At one point in the video the person behind the camera asks the black gentleman here why he couldn’t find himself a black woman. The couple seems to be caught by surprise and I assume they thought this was all a prank—Sadly it wasn’t. I don’t know how this man dining with his partner kept his cool, but he did.


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