Video: “You know the drill, likes, karma, validation, lets go!” – Super chill, smart and intelligent Nick Smith is a saint, also extremely honest about why he is using social media!


We are nothing. Life is fragile, a minuscule bug stuck to a speck of mud, suspended in infinite nothing. You will soon be dead. Soon after that you will be forgotten, it will be as if you never existed. Your existence is entirely meaningless, your choices largely an illusion. PS: I’m having trouble getting many followers on twitter, any advice would be welcome.


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Video: Greatest urban legend of drag racing explained! – Man mounted a blower from a freight train to his car, and yes it started, wheelstanding instantly!

Video: Eaten alive! Wipeouts never get old. Performance surfing grows by leaps and bounds every year, but eating sh*t has essentially remained the same for decades!