Video: “You’re not from here, I’mma kill you!” – Local Huntington Beach scumbag full of Four Loko liquid courage spits on people, gets bloodied up and cuffed for his efforts!


“Drunk bro-local being a drunk bro-local. This guy was wandering around bugging everyone in a closed section for Press (he wasn’t allowed in but wasn’t stopped – thanks security). Then he kept telling this nice father and son that he would kill them. The dad only reacted after 15 minutes of badgering turned to the bro-local spitting on him. Then he went dad-mode thug-life and handled business.” – Jacob Pollgreen.


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Video: Dana White vs. Meryl Streep at UFC 208? – Dana White calls Meryl Streep an “uppity 80-year-old lady” for saying MMA isn’t an art and is not internationally inclusive!

Video: Typical crazy Russian man celebrated the new year by shooting his Kalashnikov rifle off his balcony, symbolically killing 2016 for good!