Video: Dude gets an $80 tattoo, a $400 tattoo, and then a $875 tattoo from different artists to see which is best. But haters online are calling everyone of them brutally bad!


There are way too many comments so I picked just one as an example: “Okay, as someone that works in the tattoo industry, the last tattoo was horribly done. The stencil was amazing, however if you pause the video on the up close shots, it’s shocking at how badly the line work was. There were blow outs, inconsistent lines and it was hard to watch someone that has amazing talent, execute a tattoo that looks like an apprentice did it. If he is happy with it, that’s great! BUT for $875 and a “year long wait list” That piece should have been flawless. The first and second tattoos were brutally bad in my opinion, the second piece was just a cluttered mess, awful.”


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