Video: “What a f**ken moron, I can’t believe he’s doing this!” – Unlicensed plumber doesn’t pay $150 water shut-off fee, tries to repair a leak anyway, floods two apartments causing thousands in damage!


This video will become an all time great. So much going on here. The f**king lady who won’t stop vacuuming. Even though she’s doing absolutely f**k all because the reservoir is full. Come to think about it, who the f**k has a vacuum cleaner like that? It’s an industrial grade Wet and Dry, you know the type you rent? The total lack of preparation, not having the water shut off before doing plumbing work. The idiot who stands around documenting his home getting destroyed but completely refuses to help. The lady vacuuming again but this time dragging around electric cables while the machines up to it’s wheels in water. Oblivious that she might trip the power then he’ll have to work in the dark. Mayhem.


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