Video: Ever been super stoned, hella paranoid, and started wondering how big Tsunamis get? The answer is bloody terrifying. How does 5 kilometres (3.1 miles) high sound?


Sooo…what you are saying is, all a super villain would need to do in order to hold the east coast of America at ransom is: 1) Buy one of the Canary Islands. 2) Cut extensive tunnelling and lay rollers, in specific directions and at the proper incline. 3) Wire up the support columns with explosives. 4) Unleash a landslide if demands aren’t met. 5) Profit.


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Video: Pickpocket steals a man’s wallet at an ATM, then realises he is on camera and begs for forgiveness, giving the wallet back to his victim!

Video: Man hunting for gold in Central Queensland finds a huge nugget, weighing about 10 ounces and worth roughly $16,000!