Video: Say goodbye to Yelawolf. After a stint in a psych ward, Eminem’s talented protégé has announced he will be going by his given name, Michael Wayne Atha, aka M.W.A.


After ending his recent “Trial By Fire” tour in November with erratic behaviour, rapper Yelawolf (born Michael Wayne Atha) has revealed a handful of personal changes, including a new stage name. In taking to a newly created Instagram page, the Alabama-born MC revealed he’s dropped the name Yelawolf for the initials of his given name, MWA. A lengthy caption that accompanies the post explains that he “hoaxed the ‘suicide’ of Yelawolf with my ‘blood art,” crediting the change to losing both a friend and his former manager placing him under psychiatric care.

Watch Michael Wayne Atha have a meltdown on stage and try to fight a fan.

“Hours after my incarceration. Freedom on the mind.”

A video posted by M.W.A (@michael_wayne_atha) on


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