Video: Legendary High School Students In Texas Raise Money And Buy Special Needs Student 2 New Pairs of Nikes When They Realise His Are Way Too Small For His Feet!


Three high school students in Texas got together to give one of their friends with special needs two new pair of sneakers just in time for Christmas. While in math class last week, Salvador Solis’ friend, J.R., confided in him that he needed a new pair of sneakers because the ones he had were three sizes too small. “He was telling me ‘my shoes aren’t fitting anymore.’ My parents buy me almost anything I want so it bothered me when he told me that.” Solis, who is a junior at Somerset high school, said he then got two of his friends together, Roger Villegas and Martin Ramos, to raise money to get J.R. the sneakers he needed. Other students began donating to the cause once the trio told them what they wanted to do.


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