Video: Massive car bomb explosion caught on camera in Istanbul, Turkey, targeted at a police car, followed by a suicide bomber killing 38 people total


Turkey has declared a day of national mourning after twin bombings targeting police struck the heart of Istanbul near the home stadium of football giants Besiktas, killing 38 people. This footages was taken right at the bombing occurred, from a park far away.

Rough translation, it’s what you’d expect:
“That place just exploded, I swear to God it exploded.”
Boom in Turkish
“Fuck me, what happened dude?”
“Motherfucker. Let’s go home dude, fuck this.”
“What happened bro?!”
“Something exploded dude.”
“Son of a bitch (unintelligible)”
“They blew that place up bro.”

Via: Cheesewithmold on reddit

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