Video: Best Big Brother In The World? Instagram Model Gets Exposed, Agrees To Have Anal Sex With Anonymous Rich Dubai Man And Take His 13-Year-Old Brother’s Virginity For $50,000!


This shouldn’t be a shock to anyone really, how do you think most of the girls get rich on Instagram selling flat tummy tea. You see these “models” driving brand new Mercedes convertibles and say to yourself…Wow. She’s living the dream. Sometimes the back story is rotten as hell. This would happen way more than we think. Respect, dignity and humility. It’s all for sale!

Bonus: Another Instagram model below caught agreeing to ‘sexual activities’ like anal sex, rim jobs and golden showers. Good times. “Hey babe I’m just going to Dubai for a week alone, even though I’m broke. I’m probably going to somehow come home with some really expensive gifts. Don’t question it, just enjoy some boys time while I’m gone. LOVE YOU.” Basically if you date an attractive girl, it’s pretty much guaranteed some Arab prince has f**ked her in the rear.

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