Video: “You just made me cum in my pants!” – If you’re an online gamer, this would originally annoy the sh*t out of you, until you realise how hard this guitarist shreds!


If you’re a gamer, chances are this would originally annoy the ever living crap out of you. You’re ready to play in a game, and someone just sits there, not doing anything, playing the guitar. But this gamer @The_Dooo will change your view very quickly. The first big moment is the AC/DC – Thunderstruck freak out at the beginning. And it just gets better from there. You might think it’s just the same song and TheDooo is playing for a different group of players each time. Not so. This was honestly one of those videos that at first I thought I’d probably watch the first minute or so and it’d get old. Nope. I watched the whole thing.

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