Video: Holy sh*t, is it finally happening? – Thousands spot UFOs hovering over Turkey as #ufoattack trends to number 1, but why is sketchy Twitter censoring the footage?


In one of the most chilling UFO-related incidents of the year, a series of ominous lights have been seen by numerous witnesses in Turkey Sunday night, fuelling fears that a possible extraterrestrial attack might soon be taking place. The mysterious objects, which were very similar in appearance to the famous Phoenix Lights incident back in 1997, have been sighted by witnesses all over the Middle Eastern country, resulting in the hashtag #ufoattacktoturkey immediately trending on Twitter. What was particularly disturbing, however, was the fact that Twitter immediately started removing photos and tweets related to the incident hours after the hashtag trended.

ufo turkey 1

ufo turkey 2

ufo turkey 8

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