Video: “I don’t know if I should smile or cry” – Professional freeskier Jon Olsson joins legendary billionaire investor for a day of private jets, and 120ft luxury boat shopping!


So who is Henrik Persson Ekdahl you may ask? He was the CEO of Betsafe, an online gaming company. At the time in 2011, it was the fastest growing company in its segment with 185 employees and annual turnover of almost 70 million euros. Leaving the company to become the CEO of Betsson Group in 2012, it was one of Europe’s largest online gaming companies. Listed on Nasdaq OMX with market cap of approximately 9 Billion SEK, 1000 employees and 21 different brands. Nowadays he is the Partner and Co-Founder of Optimizer Invest Ltd. An investment company with focus on Tech and Online start-ups. Incredible resume.


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