Video: “He’s a f**ken donkey, he looks like a burns victim!” – Conor McGregor destroys New Zealand journalist Andrew Mulligan for suggesting Press Conference was staged!


Michael Landsberg didn’t make a very good impression on Conor McGregor yesterday when McGregor and Alvarez appeared on the show via satellite to answer a few questions. Landsberg has a reputation for asking provocative questions, and has peeved off Dana White and Chael Sonnen in the past. This time he suggested the belt stealing, chair tossing near brawl between Conor and Eddie at the UFC 205 press conference was a WWE style set up. Conor McGregor did not appreciate it.

Can’t get enough? Want to watch more Eddie Alvarez and Conor McGregor interview shenanigans? Watch them roast each other on various other sports channels below.


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