Video: F**ken shameful. Man gets gang bashed in broad daylight on Chicago street because he voted for Trump – Reverse the ethnicities and it’s instant front page on CNN!


I am so glad these idiots film their crimes. They didn’t like that he voted for the guy they think will incite violence against minorities. So they initiate the violence. Keep that up, the Republicans will control the country for decades. He had no chance. This man deserves justice. Just imagine the sh*t show if a group of young white men/woman were filmed beating up an elderly African American man for voting Obama back in 2008.

Longer version below shows the man being dragged down the street as he’s car is stolen.

We’re fairly certain this Donald Trump/Kid Rock mashup video is the highest form of satire. Then again, it may just be the highest form of American Badass-ery. You be the judge. Either way, it’s the best president video we’ve seen in years.


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