Video: All aboard the hype train! – With only weeks left until their Amazon show hits our screens, Clarkson, Hammond and May spoke openly about life on ‘The Grand Tour’!

Jeremy Clarkson filming new Grand Tour in VicenzaHypeHype3

When the boys were in Southern California recently, they made the rounds doing interviews with media outlets. With the LA Times, the host Charles Fleming asked the boys about the kinds of cars and motorised vehicles that are not cars at all. Most of the 10 minute interview covers all the basic questions. The best of the interview comes around the 6:45 mark where the boys talk about what the show is going to be and the surprising bit about how there may be shows with barely any cars at all.

Clarkson, May and Richard Hammond were in Italy filming the new Amazon Prime show, and as the trio drove through the Piazza Dei Signori in the centre of Vicenza, they were mobbed by thousands of fans. A crowd level the new Top Gear could only wish for. Check it out.

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