Video: It ain’t safe on the block! – When you combine Skepta, Young Lord and New Zealand photographer Guy Mac, hectic surf edits are born, hold your breath though, this is carnage city!


Featuring Albee Layer, John John Florence, Shane Dorian, Zane Kekoa Schweitzer, Billy Kemper, Matty Schweitzer, Ian Walsh, Greg Long, Tom Lowe, Tommy Dosland, Torry Meister, Franisco Porcella, Aaron Gold, Tyler Larronde, Mark Healey and more. Filmed and edited by the one and only Guy Mac.

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Video: Aston Martin and Red Bull teamed up to make the most insane street car ever built, said to be faster than an F1 car and will cost between £2-3 million!

Video: Jamie XX has dropped a stunning video for his track “Gosh.”, featuring a cast of more than 400 actors and filmed in the Chinese town of Tianducheng, a Paris replica!