Video: Haters think only milk and juice comes in 2 litres – AG Autosports ‘Family Sedan’ Evo just put down a record breaking 1,291HP complete with a Recaro baby seat!


AG Autosports Evo aka “The Family Sedan” put down 1291hp making it the worlds highest horsepower Mitsubishi Evolution. We were lucky enough to go for a ride along straight off the dyno to see what this BEAST could do on the street.” – That Racing Channel.

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Video: Meanwhile in Miami…Wild storm wreaks havoc as chairs and sun loungers are scooped up and thrown from a high rise building, raining down on traffic below!

F**k Yes: Trippy hood is now available, and all the pre-orders are packed and on the way – Approved by our big homie from the Seattle Seahawks, Jesse ‘Tha Monstar’ Williams!