Video: This is how wars should be fought! – Never battle the talented bboys from ‘Morning of Owl’, your girlfriends will leave pregnant, and your family left dishonoured!


Created in Suwon in 2002, Morning of Owl started with 4 members: Sez, Issue, Cho and Owl’d. Through years, they have been joined by other talented bboys such as Code, Pocket, Sknuf, Chibi, Birdie, M.K., etc. For those of you who wonder where the Crew’s name comes from, it refers to the owls that stay awake at night and thus, can see what humans can’t.

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Video: Live for 24 hours only! – Louie Lopez transitions from boy to man with this face-melting part in Volcom’s Holy Stokes video!

Video: Lying wounded on the floor of Pulse nightclub, with a gunman continuing to fire bullets into the motionless bodies of people around him, Angel Colon thought it was his turn to die!