Video: Meanwhile In Australia…80 Blokes On Push Bikes, Ride To Multiple Houses, And Consume Over 1,000 Beers – It’s The 2016 ‘Tour De Fridge’ And It’s The Wildest F**ken Party In The Country!


In what has become a yearly tradition. 80 blokes get dressed up and ride their push bikes to several different houses around Ellenbrook in Western Australia, and then consume over 1,000 beers over the course of the day. This ladies and gentlemen, is what they call the ‘Le Tour De Fridge’. Shout out to Cole Peppiatt for the hook up. It’s rowdy as hell and full of broken noses, cops, lake jumping, shots, roof jumping, spewing, and more shenanigans over 13 minutes than you can even absorb. Put your f**ken drinking hat on and watch it now!

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