Video: Aussie lads get into an argument whether a thrashed Commodore can jump as far as a dirt bike – Thankfully one of them stepped up to the plate, so much for work health and safety!


“My Boss and I were talking about how I can jump 20M on my motorbike and he said he would be able to out do me in a car. We made the jump out of a XR8 ute tub and used car trailer ramps. We tried to stabilise the ramps so they didn’t move.” – Daniel John Welch.

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Video: Driver sitting behind a Plumber hogging the fast lane decides to call them and tell them to move over – It’s the most polite, “Get the f**k out of the way” you’ve ever seen!

Video: Instant Justice – Dude riding his Yamaha Raider catches a cyclist on helmet cam cut blatantly in front of oncoming traffic, karma strikes when the police show up!