From the Diamond Maruti Car Circus in India, this act is called the Wall of Death. I would have called it, the Wall of Yiii-Hawwww!

Move over UFC, Alligator wrestling is a sport on the rise to the top, where a competitor dives into a deep pool with an alligator, and has 10 minutes to show off their best wrestle moves. Alligator wrestlers are scored in six categories: aggressiveness of the alligator, difficulty of the move, style, appearance, showmanship and water-wrangling. Apparently this sort of thing has been going on for generations. Chomp.

This place looks freezing! -12 to be exact. These are the Chena Hot Springs outside of Fairbanks. These dudes were told that wet hair would freeze if you ran outside so of course the theory was tested :)

Unfortunately for Ken Block, coming too fast into a corner he crashed into a ditch on the second day of the WRC in Mexico. The video feature in car footage of how the crash happened, and follows with a quick interview with Ken. Hit the jump for fan footage of the Ford getting loaded onto the tow truck.

Aokigahara is a place at the foot of Mt. Fuji which is beautiful yet dense and is a place where a lot of people commit suicide. Hundreds of bodies have been found here and as an effort to stop people from committing suicides, there are sign posts that tell people to reconsider suicide. As Mt. Fuji is sacred, some probably feel blessed to be able to die here.

The nature of the place is very foreboding and you will hear nothing but the forest when you move in just a few kilometers from the border. It is believed that the unsettled souls come to this place to scream their frustrations into the winds. The foresters have a job of looking for bodies in this forest and they come across them often, either hanging from trees or eaten away by predators.

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NFL Network’s Rich Eisen has a 40 yard race with young top athletes, who will win?

Oscar winner Marion Cotillard introduces a new product to help women be taken more seriously in the workplace.

From zero to 100km/h in just 2.9 seconds sounds like fun. Don’t try this at home with your mum’s dishes though…not unless I’m there to film it ;)

Japan is bracing itself for bad times after many extremely rare, giant Oarfish have washed ashore and been caught in coastal fisherman’s nets.

Sightings of these fish started after the ‘quake in Chile and the 6.4 magnitude earthquake in Taiwan. The recent tectonic shifting around the Pacific is raising concern that Japan is next.

The Oarfish is traditionally known as a messenger fish from the sea gods, and it’s tidings are usually grim. The fish can grow up to five metres in length and usually found at depths of 1, 000 ft. Long and slender with a dorsal fin that runs the length of it’s body.

According to folklore, the fish will come ashore and beach itself to warn of an impending earthquake and there are scientific theories that bottom-dwelling fish may very well be susceptible to movements in seismic fault lines and act in uncharacteristic ways in advance of an earthquake, although we do have the option to believe that or the constant high-tech monitoring of the tectonic plates beneath the surface. Fingers crossed those fish are just Godzilla and not something worse.

With the exiting new release of Omar Salazar’s new pro model Nike shoe, Nike rounded up the team and threw a demo up in Sacramento and killed it. Hit the jump for a preview of the Salazar Nike shoe.

Heidi Montag speaks out about the horrors of having to pay for plastic surgery with a credit card.

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Follow Me gets back to basics and reminds riders why we all love to ride bikes. Breaking from the traditional format of single rider segments, the film documents what happens when the worlds best downhillers, freeriders and slopestylers ride together on some of the best trails on the planet.

Check out this compilation of drifting on Saturday at Sydney Powercruise 2010. Two cars you need to look out for, the crossed up Holden VL Commodore and the Datsun 1200 Ute at the end had me applauding :)

The Farm Jam 2010 went off in the hills of New Zealand. FMX, MTB and BMX all combined to create this truly unique event. Riders include Levi Sherwood, Jake Bowen, Rhys Hillier, Joe Sheppard and Blake O’Connor.

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You carry it everywhere with you, and you rely on it for simple day to day tasks, but how much do you really know about your phone? Hit the jump for way more tripped out phone facts.

Available at selected Tier 0 stores globally, the PARRA x Nike Sportswear Air Max 1 will be hitting shelves and pavement  this weekend. Hit the jump to see some long waited detailed shots of the sneakers. For our readers in UK, you will be able to score yourself a pair on these on Saturday, March 13th via Nike 1948.

Some movie goers were treated to a new Tron Legacy trailer over the weekend, but fortunately, you won’t have to visit theaters for a sneak peek, as it has already hit the net. This movie will hit theaters on December 17th, 2010 in both Disney Digital 3D and IMAX 3D.

Zach, clearly already annoyed at the drunk girl in the crowd, feels the need to take action when her phone rings. He is one hilarious dude.