Someone pinch me so I know if I’m dreaming. If I am asleep right now, I just had my first wet dream since I was 16. If I’m not asleep right now, it’s going to be an awkward walk home this afternoon. More after the jump.

Watch this great escape by Mika Kallio in a 250cc Grand Prix race during the 2008 season.

An oldie but a goodie, I can only imagine the adrenaline dump that must have induced!

As you might have noticed, we are massive fans of FPS Russia here at Shock Mansion. If you’re not familiar with it, it consists of a delightfully crazy man identifying himself as a Professional Russian getting his hands on a ludicrous number of epic guns and tests them out for our amusement.

It’s must see viewing for anyone who’s ever enjoyed a First Person Shooter game, and as an extra exciting bonus, his latest video is a themed special based around the enemies and weapons of id Software’s rather awesome looking new game, Rage. One full size Rage mutant, one full size rapid fire, mag loading shotgun, one full size assault rifle, one full size exploding crossbow!

After the jump, The Texas Armoring Corporation was tired of customers asking if his company’s bullet-resistant glass in its armored cars actually resisted bullets.

So the CEO asked his employee to shoot at him with an AK-47. It’s loud, scary, dangerous, and awesome.

Pharrell Williams ventured to Japan for a Palladium Boots campaign were the award winning singer, producer and designer visited Tokyo to face the realities of the March 11 earthquake tragedies.

Directed by Thalia Mavros, the cameras follow Williams as he meets up with the city’s creative class to see what’s being done to keep Tokyo thriving.

Continue reading to watch Parts 2 to 5.


Danny MacAskill has been a frequent guest on the pages of Shock Mansion lately, and we are glad to have him back along with Martin Soderstrom and Daniel Dhers. These three top riders explore and ride the surroundings of Stockholm, Sweden and the exotic Archipelago Islands. This video offers quality footage from all riding disciplines set of some epic backdrops.

Conceptualized by Osiris, produced by Futuristic Films and directed by Nicholaus Goossen, who was a first-time director at age 26, making the cult-classic, “Grandma’s Boy” for Adam Sandler.

We Are Osiris, subtly infuses iconic Osiris athletes, a graffiti artist and a rapper through notable action clips that tell the brand story in a unique documentary style, all in 30 seconds.

Make sure and check back every week for fresh extended videos of each of the featured athletes by visiting

Plus, take a look behind the scenes in the video below.

This kid discovers breasts at the worst possible time, on television. How come it’s adorable when he does it, yet I have 3 restraining orders? This young one has not yet mastered the skill. Will take many years before becoming perverted ninja.

The guy who got a ticket riding his bicycle outside the bicycle lane in New York made a video with Artist Scott Campbell to learn how to make a prison tattoo gun. In Tompkins Square Park in New York, Scott Campbell gives his friend a new tattoo with a gun made out of a pen and a computer motor.

Continue reading to watch the video.

Check out this amazing video of Robert Pecnik carving around the Swiss mountains in his V4 wingsuit. Ludo Woerth is the man who captured this stunning footage. This is the first video I’ve seen that gives justice to the speed these guys go. This is a short teaser for a documentary on wingsuit BASE jumping to be released by Phoenix-Fly.

A micro camera has been installed on board this remote control F-16. By using a live feed from the camera, the pilot effectively gets the same view out of the cockpit that an actual pilot would enjoy. The creator even wired up an altimeter so the pilot can tell exactly how far off the ground the plane is at any given moment. What an epic toy!

Some would call Denice Milani ‘curvy’, I would call her ‘EPIIIC!’. This poor girl is looking at a life of back problems for sure. I feel her pain, my legs are beginning to bow due to all the extra weight hanging from my pelvis. I could take this bumbag filled with coins off, but I trust no one. *shifty eyes*

Hamish is taking himself to the front line in Andy’s love life; after months of Love Coaching he now turns to Wing-manning, showcasing some iconic moves to support Andy’s search for love.

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Imagine tubing behind a boat really fast, then opening up a can of ‘Man-the-f**k-up’ and you will end up with what we have here.

The most epic slingshot slip and slide man has ever created. I call it the most epic, not only because it might be the only one ever created therefore winning that title by default, but that it genuinely made me want to have a go so badly that I punched myself in the gonads to calm myself down. “Easy Tiger!”

Cheers to our good mate Chris Warild for shining the light on this one!

Ken Andre can explain easily why he suits up many nights in black ninja gear with a foam samurai sword. “I move through the shadows and I help people,” he says.

Andre, a 33-year-old father of two, works by day as a security guard in Yeovil, the southwestern English town where he lives. After dark, the martial-arts expert goes by the name Shadow and stalks the streets looking for trouble.

Regarded as one of the gnarliest waves on earth, Teahupoo continues to separate the mice from the men. If you missed the Billabong highlights from yesterday, don’t worry because now we get to see the recent massive swells at Teahupoo in slow motion. Hit play to see dudes with coconut size balls (no homo).

“Ginger Andersen is a nerd … just not the suspender-wearing, protractor-carrying sort. Still, this month’s Inked Girl sees no incongruity between her exterior appearance and her self-proclaimed nerdy personality. Case in point: A straight-A report card was the reason she was allowed to get her first tattoo at 16.”

Check out this first episode from the new video series presented by Inked Magazine featuring models from recent Inked Girl feature photo shoots. The episode features Ginger Andersen. Enjoy!

Metal Mulisha’s Black Friday film will be released this November. Riding at spots like Jackpot Ranch, Ocotillo Wells, Danimal’s, Glamis, Cameron, Ariz, and the Metal Mulisha Compound. The team will head to Australia for their last shoot in October filming at Cam Sinclair and Jacko Strong’s riding grounds. Kick back and watch this their latest trailer below.