Episode 8: Zach sits down with Ben Stiller, star of the ‘Meet the Fockers’ series as well as the new movie, Greenberg.

At an abandoned farm outside of Munich, Germany, Nike 6.0 held an invitational Best Trick contest. The riders battled it out for a share in €10,000. Check the video for the action and click here for more.

A South African scuba diver set out to break the world record for the longest time spent living underwater. Breaking the previous record, and the 10 day mark, he did it in a giant tank in a public place. When he finally left the tank, he left with a Guinness World Record, a smile, and some very wrinkly fingers.

Check out some of Mr. Manson’s more recent art pieces below. Pretty rad in my opinion, I’d hang it on my wall for sure.

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Skate School: A dev diary featuring coach Frank.

Don’t get in this trucky’s way because he is driving with his eyes closed. Of course, there is the other possibility that this is just a case of road rage turned real life horror movie where the truck driver terrorizes a motorist before killing him for no good reason. Either way, this dude is just going to keep on truckin’.

The 2010 Tampa Pro Contest Street Finals took place recently at the world famous skatepark of Tampa. CCS brings us coverage of the event, which highlights each participant, in particular the three podium places: 1st – Paul Rodriguez 2nd – Nyjah Huston 3rd – Keegan Sauder.

Hoppity hop. It’s official, I’m getting a lamb just so i can do the same thing. Except I will train mine to hop into the oven. Chomp.

Amidst all the disgraceful shenanigans on ChatRoulette, one man has brought something truly hilarious to the table. Improvised piano takes the ChatRoulette crown in my kingdom.

Carving the pavement isn’t the only time Alessandra looks fine. She also looks good at the beach, dancing to her iPod, in bed and doing Yoga. Who knew? If you don’t believe me, hit the jump.

I love how much wakeboarding winches have changed the game and is making it more urban. Winches have opened more venues which weren’t there earlier, you’ll see what I mean by watching the videos below.

Pandora Gap Teaser:

Platypus Gap with Watson and Lucas:

Ever wonder what ‘Willy Wonker’ would be like with different actors? Jack Nicholson and Christopher Walken perhaps? This guy wondered, then used his seemingly hilarious impersonation ability to put the thought into a Youtube video :)

God I love this country *wipes tear from eye*. From her beginnings as a successful international fashion model Kelly’s star has continued to rise as a TV personality, firstly with Channel Seven and now as a presenter on Channel Nine’s Getaway. Kelly was recently pictured filming scenes for her travel show called ‘Getaway’ in Miami’s South Beach in a bikini. Hold onto your pants people.

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If I was an actor I think this would piss me off after the millionth time *Click*

Coming March the 23rd, 2010 free at: http://www.varietyinyourlife.com

Featuring Alex Andrews, Parker Duke, Zak Hale, Ben Farrell, Ted Borland, Ian Boll, Mac Spedale, Knut Eliassen, Brandon Hammid, Sean Black, & some friends like Tucker Andrews, Matt Piasecki, Sage Kotsenburg, Matty Mo, Jordon Emerson, Alex Beebe, Tyler Ashbee, etc.

Abu Dhabi’s Ferrari World will be the largest indoor theme park in the world when it opens in Abu Dhabi during the second half of 2010. In front of the giant Ferrari roller coaster Phil Blizzard talks to Claus Frimand, GM, Ferrari World, about the progress of the debut Ferrari World and the experience visitors can expect. Hit the jump for the video.

Carving stuff like laptops, iPhone cases…etc from solid blocks of aluminum may be nothing new, but here’s something you don’t see everyday, a dirt bike helmet! Get your shine on.

Whoa…I had to watch this a few times just to take in what happened! This shot is going to be so tough to beat in a game of horse :)