I have a thing for Lucy Pinder, how could you not with all this talent spilling out of her bathing suits. These shots are from her upcoming calender which I will be ordering 200 copies of, in case I forget the day a lot. More after the jump.

The amazing footage below was shot from places all over the world such as Italy, Canada, Sweden and Spain.

After watching this I want to frolic in the  powder mountains of Spain so badly my testicles ache. Definitely adding this to my ‘To Do List’. Oh would you look at that, it’s the first non-human mission on my list. Radical.

The Knockout Fit girls have kindly taken the time to demonstrate some techniques used in Mixed Martial Arts. If you want to be sure to make your next opponent taps out, these videos are for you. On the flip side, if you enjoy woman’s breasts, this video is also for you.

More videos after the jump.

This is one insane little toy. I was waiting for the sonic boom. Pretty sure this orange rocket would snap you off at the ankles if it hit you.

You could probably strap ‘things’ to it and pin it over the border crossing, nobody would know, let alone catch the thing. Just sayin.

It hits 204Kph in the video below, check it out!

Following up his last video with 20 million views and counting, trials bike sensation Danny MacAskill has entered a new project – “Way Back Home”.

In the film, Danny showcases what he’s been up to since his last project: “This is something I have been working on with Red Bull along my two friends Dave Sowerby and Mark Huskisson for the last few months. We travel from Edinburgh all the way back to my home village Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye riding all the most amazing spots I could find along the way!”

Relentless Energy’s Short Stories competition beings with ‘The Dark Side Of The Lens’, a short film from renowned surf photographer Mickey Smith.

“Originally I planned for the film to be more anonymous, rather than biographical, an all encompassing piece, to represent the photographers keeping the surfing machine afloat,” explains Smith.

“Something that offers insight into what it takes to grind out a living as a water-based photographer in the surfing industry: a short experimental glimpse at a life lived in the shadow of obsessive photographic pursuits.”

“It also gave me the chance to ask myself a few questions, like, if you’re always observing and documenting what you see and experience, are you ever truly present? Questions like that where I could step back think and then see what the answers were,” Smith says.

From the director of Run, Bitch, Run!, Joseph Guzman brings you this mother of a film, Nude Nuns With Big Guns. The film has gain massive popularity in film Festivals world wide, including the Cannes Film Festival. The film now has distribution for Australia, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland. North American distribution and other territories are being negotiated.

Nude Nuns with Big Guns follows the revenge of Sister Sarah after she is raped, drugged, and abused by a sinister clergy sect and a rogue motorcycle gang. She unleashes her own unique brand of forgiveness as she shows them that hell hath no fury like a Nude Nun with a Big Gun!

Video is NSFW.

Check out the official trailer below for the 2010 GoldRush Rally.

Looks pretty epic, definitely something I want to do before I kick the old bucket so to speak.

Ladies and gentlemen start your engines.

At 4:38 am, Beaverton police officers were called to a robbery scene where they found the front doors of the shop open and an ATM machine missing. The video below shows every small detail of how the theft went down. These guys were so fast you’d think stealing an ATM would be too easy. The police soon found the ATM left in the middle of the street nearby, as the men were unable to extract the money from the machine. Haha, bad luck fellas.

Check out this sneak peak of Grete Eliassen’s ‘Say My Name’, ski movie. On a quest to find the freshest powder, sickest half pipes and killer terrain these women embark on a ski trip to conquer it all.

If you like what you see, head to itunes and download the movie here!

Minase Yashiro is a model from Japan who spends most of her working life posing in a bikini. Wow, there’s one thing we have in common. Maybe she is the one? I will hit the jump to get to know her better…

This is the first trailer for Subrosa’s Get Used To It video.

G.U.T.I. is being filmed right now and will be out when it’s done. Looks rad to me, check it out below.

The sport compact cars (my favorite section) were out in full force at the latest Private Test Day at Sydney Drag Way this month. Thankfully Rotor G33k was there to catch it all on video for us.

What started off as a slow day, ended up being a day full of personal bests.

This video has an awesome combination of cars and camera angles, check it out below!

Usually I would call this type of video some light entertainment, but instead I’m going to say this is a ‘How To’ video, about how to make your summer freakin’ awesome. I bags next go, YEW!

A contest to progress the creativity of surf photography. Three teams. Three destinations. Three colors. One winner.

And that winner is Globe! Congratulations guys, epic job.

“There was a point there that we almost called Transworld and quit,” says Globe director Joe G. “I was having a full on panic attack, Dion was in intense pain with a punctured eardrum, and everything just sucked. So of course, we decided to go to the bar, and somehow great things just started happening—weird how that happens sometimes,” laughs Joe G.”

Check out their entry video below.

Brock Lesnar shows us his gun skills, and I don’t mean the ones on his arms. Shooting guns can cause a person to work up an appetite. With no knives in sight, Brock chops up his fruit with his trusty gun. Hope you like hot lead in your water melon. Nom!

Pitchfork has blessed us with the latest from Die Antwoord.  Nipple-less breasts, strange creatures, and penises, lots and lots of penises, make up this zany clip for the South African rave-rap outfit. It’s NSFW and I love it.

Check out this short cinematic video of Heffner’s beautiful red Audi R8 which is fitted with a bolt on twin turbo kit.

This gorgeous little thing makes roughly 630 horsepower to the crank.

This film was shot at Virginia International Raceway. Check it out below.