Tila Tequila’s relentless pursuit to take camera whoring to new levels has landed her inside a grocery store wearing lingerie. First of all, how is this legal, and secondly, $3.99 for pork baby back ribs, I’ll take 3 good sir!

Anywho, when members of the paparazzi stopped caring about her, Tila purposely dropped store items on the floor so that she could pick them up, porn star style. I hate that I love this I really do.

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The Red Bull Stratos science team has unveiled the first space suit ever to be produced by David Clark Company for a non governmental space program.

The team has also revealed the pressure helmet, which with the suit will serve as Felix Baumgartners sole life support system when he steps off his capsule at 120,000 feet to attempt a record breaking freefall from the edge of space!

Watch the video below.

The adidas Originals Youtube Channel has recently updated with a selection of interviews with personalities spanning multiple arenas and industries. Among the notables involved are Chester French, Ciara, David Beckham, Jeremy Scott, Kazuki Kuraishi, Cobrasnake, Snoop Dogg, Noel Gallagher, James Bond and Ian Brown among others.

Snoop Dogg

Noel Gallagher

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Slow motion and high speed cameras allow us to see all sorts of rad things the human eye never catches, such as the awesome shimmer of shock from big explosions. Check it out below!

This is the Garvanza Skate Park session with Lizard and friends. Can someone please tell me how the hell Lizard skates so damn well while being injured? That’s straight up Lizard class at it’s best :)

The back flip; an act of rotating your body 360 degrees about the Y axis. Attempted by not so many people in a monster truck, and landed by few. Full props to the gnarly dude for hucking big.

I cannot get enough of Candice in my life, so I was bloody chuffed when I ran into these latest photos and video. Esquire magazine has kicked off their Sexiest Woman Alive tournament with some of the sexiest batch of photos of supermodel Candice Swanepoel you’ve ever laid your eyes on :)

On top of that, they even have a rad little video of Candice rocking out in a flimsy little tank top. Check it out after the jump!

This Tokyo home was gamely designed by Takuya Tsuchida, who received the instruction above from a client with very particular taste. Any car enthusiast knows that half the pleasure of a car is the way the car looks. So this home owner decided to make his cars a piece of art in the middle of his living room. I wonder if he uses spark plugs to fry his eggs in the morning.

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The latest episode from Bear Mountain featuring riders: Ryan Paul, Sean Black, Kent Leng, Stevie Bell, MFM, Mark Frank Montoya, Zack Rawles and Dylan Alito. Yew!

Via: Transworld

Remi is still defending the colours of Montpellier by proving his is able to shoot anyone and anything! Let the fake verse real debate begin ;)

The exoskeleton promises to make a difference to many areas of military and civilian life alike. As demonstrated in the video below, soldiers will be able to do what they need to for longer. Meaning a soldier’s efficiency will be greatly increased. The further applications are yet to be tested, but refined models should be able to assist those with physical disabilities, not to mention the possibility for a commercial edition. Amazing!

Mexican police hailed the capture yesterday of the “King of Heroin”, one of the country’s most powerful drug barons, a major victory in the murderous drug war.

José Antonio Medina, allegedly responsible for smuggling thousands of pounds of heroin into the US each year, was arrested in the western state of Michoacán and is being held for prosecution.

Mr Medina, 36, allegedly ran a complex smuggling operation that sent 200kg of heroin each month into southern California for La Familia drug cartel, said Ramon Pequeño, head of the anti-narcotics division of Mexico’s federal police.

Ten people were killed in Ciudad Juárez in the past 24 hours, including a US citizen in an attack on an undertaker. Police also found a decapitated man in a shopping centre car park, his head inside a plastic bag near by.

In Mexico City federal police said that they had seized $1.7 million in small bills and arrested two Mexicans and two Colombians for allegedly running financial operations for the cartels. The drugs business brings about $25 billion in illicit cash into Mexico each year.

Check out the video below.

Ladies and gentlemen, please give a kind welcome to Kara Anderson, she has green eyes and is ridiculously good looking. Originally from Oak Town and now living in L.A. she is 21 years old and killing the modeling game. Keep up the awesome work Kara.

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Merton is back with “Chat Roulette Funny Piano Improv No.2″, the highly anticipated sequel to the hilarious Piano Improvisation With Random Strangers on Chatroulette.

Several days after purchasing a highly venomous cobra, a German teenager discovered that it was no longer in its terrarium.

What followed was one of the lengthiest and most expensive pet hunts Germany has seen in recent years. The walls, floor and ceiling of O’s attic apartment were dismantled and the two units on the ground floor below were also carefully searched. Flour was strewn on the floor in the hopes of collecting tracks. Strong, double sided tape was installed to perhaps trap the cobra baby. The fire department even brought in mini-cameras to search the tightest and most inaccessible corners.

After the fire department removed and examined all the furniture, a construction company was called in to demolish the apartment. The house has now been sealed, and other renters in the building have been told they will need to live elsewhere for two months while the cobra starves. The cost of these interventions is well above €40,000; German authorities will apparently send the bills to the young snake enthusiast.

Via: Spiegel

Luckily this prank didn’t end with a cracked skull, but I have my suspicions that a cracked tooth may have occurred. Buttered floor plus wet feet equals some serious karma coming back on this prankster.

Sammy Baca and Rhino take us to Argentina, where Sammy got his tooth knocked out during filming for the ‘Prevent This Tradegy’ Video. Sammy was having a good ol’ time until he spotted a drop in that couldn’t be left untouched. Check the vid below.

Check out this incredible time lapse digital painting of Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Hatter by Nico Di Mattia in Photoshop. This is so amazing, the detail and colours are stunning!

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