Tropical Roast is a 15 minute wakeboarding short inspired by the Whitelaw Brothers.

Misverstand Dam plays host to the ‘Break Your Crayons’ crew who have set out to capture some of South Africa’s finest riders and display it the way it should be, on some next level sh*t. Shout out to Luke Edward for showing us the light.

Adding wax to your surfboard is crucial. Eli will teach you the correct way to apply wax to your surfboard and what type of wax you are going to need. This technique will give you maximum grip when you shred the waves. Hit the Jump to see Eli get old wax off her surfboard. By the way, this video is more about looking at a girl in a bikini than anything else. Enjoy.

Season 8 premieres Sunday, July 24 and will be the shows final season with only 8 episodes, but keep your fingers crossed that talk of a movie turns into more than just talk.

As per usual there will be a ton of celebrity guest stars, either playing a new role or a twisted version of themselves. This is going to be good!

We’re not sure who thought it would be a good idea to run the worst drivers in the Netherlands through a series of driving challenges on a reality TV show, but you know that wasn’t going to end well. In the video below, the task seems fairly simple: accelerate to 80 kph (about 50 mph) and brake hard at the last minute to avoid hitting the Styrofoam block wall.

At no time did the instructions include, “veer off course, hit someone’s personal car and run down the show’s host,” but that’s exactly what happened. See the carnage! We’d love a translation from any of our Dutch readers.

If I had to explain Lias Ribeiro in one word, I would draw a picture of a tree with breasts growing on the branches like fruit. Then I’d put the picture in a deep fryer until it was golden brown then sprinkle a little salt on it.

I know that’s not a word! What are you the honesty police? I don’t care what you, or anyone thinks (that was also a lie).

The highly anticipated second season of AMC’s hit drama series The Walking Dead is coming this October! We ran into their latest teaser video to keep you going in the meantime.

It’s nothing too mind-blowing (pun intended), but it accomplishes just what any good teaser trailer should and leaves you wanting Halloween to get here sooner rather than later for the second season premiere.

The new trailer for Final Destination 5 has gone online and as always, every thing can be boiled down to “Go to mundane location, bad things happen.”

At least this one kind of raises an interesting moral quandary about whether or not you would kill an innocent person if it ensured your own survival.

If you are one of those people who see their pet as their very own child, this video may make your ‘child’ appear to be a bit of an underachiever.

This dog is better at board sports than most humans! Someone needs to hook up a Vitamin Water deal or something, turn this dog pro and give him a reality TV show.

Watch this dog rip at everything below.

Check out this epic Show Reel by Matt Kleiner!

My show reel for the first part of 2011. It’s been a fun year so far and I’ve been lucky enough to experience great places, people and new projects.
The reel is comprised of some of my favorite shots from recent music videos, surf films, travel documentaries, commercials and short films. Filmed throughout North America, Australia and Indonesia.

See more at Photo via  Stephen Chiang Photography.

There’s no doubt about it, racing can be a dangerous sport. There are any number of accidents that could leave you injured, paralyzed or worse.

Fortunately, safety equipment has managed to keep up with our ever-increasing need for speed, which means all but the most heinous of vehicular monstrosities on the race track result in little more than a bruised ego and a check or two with lots and lots of zeros.

Watch as Rocha, seemingly overcome with the kind of joy that can only come from seeing your life pass before your smoke-filled eyes and living to tell the tale, jubilantly dances and waves for several seconds before finally succumbing to his near-death experience and collapsing into a heap in the grass.

Safety crews rush to the scene, and soon enough, Rocha is found to be mostly unharmed.

Most of the longboarding videos we come across are shot in picturesque surroundings, usually hills surrounded by forests. However, Barcelona based label, Dyslexia, recently hit the streets of NYC to film a six-and-a-half minute of some longboarders tearing it up in the Big Apple. Anyone that owns a cruiser or longboard knows how much fun this is with a crew of homies. Good times!

I now know why Rhianna’s live show are so big. I mean, I think I’d need to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases after going. That’s not going to stop me though, catch me in the front row from here on out, panting like a dog. What a super duper babe.

Kris Fox has awesome natural style when ever he rides. If you need proof, look no further than this slow-mo edit filmed at Woodward West just a few days ago.

The video below shows a racer trying to escape police by reversing down a busy road at high speed.

Shocking footage shows the teenage driver of a silver Citroen Saxo speeding backwards towards a roundabout as he tries to outfox the police.

Officers were forced to abandon the chase for the safety of other drivers and the car was later found abandoned 12 miles away in Coventry. The boy is still on the loose.

Some crazy dude (that I’m guessing was wasted drunk and wanted to get laid) decided it would be a rad idea to climb stupidly high up Devil’s Punch Bowl cliff and then hurl himself off to the roaring applause of the opposite sex. Unfortunately things didn’t go to plan, not only did the ladies yell obscenities at him instead of taking off their bikinis, he also nearly killed himself!

He must be a cat with nine lives, because to swim away from that is nothing but luck! First watch the view up the top.

And then watch the view from below.

The reason why we love Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, is that since she became a movie star after the huge success of Transformers, she isn’t above a good old fashioned lingerie photo shoot. Bonus points for the hand bra Rosie. This is some of your breast work yet.

Here’s a tasty little compilation video of our girl because… heck, we don’t need a reason! Just hit the jump for more.

One of the dangers of Rally is the unpredictability of the terrain, and it only gets worse when you drive off the track. No neatly groomed gravel traps to slow you down here, just massive trees. This particular rally crash is very drawn out. I bet the co-driver said casually during the crash, “So… how’s the wife?”

If you mess with the bull you get the horns. If you play with elephants, your going to get squashed like a ripe grape. If you randomly grab a hot girl’s behind, your going to prison…I’m making these up, but you get the idea. This guy is officially our idiot of the week. He teases an alligator until it bites his hand. Nice one.

The earth turns and the sun disappears over the horizon. Flip the switch, and the lights go out. Slumber begins and the mind awakes, taking us to places we’ve never been and witnessing things not yet seen or imagined.

From the enchanted powder forests of Japan, the historic streets of Moscow, to the unthawed mountains of Western America, and everywhere in between – Level 1 invites us into their spectrum of reality to see a succession of images, visions, sounds, and sensations quite unlike those of the conscious world. Experience it for yourself – their dream, their vision of skiing. After Dark.