This dude must never want to celebrate father’s day. Not being a fast runner, he decides to let two cars do the work of smashing his nuts against a pole. Just thinking about this feeling makes me want to go cry in the corner.

“I Guess…” is the third snowboard film from Cold Up Here Productions. They encountered all problems of shooting a snowboard film. No snow, packed snow, fast melting snow, no light, burning sleds and so on. Happily they did manage to squeeze the juice out of their legs and put it together in the end.

Riders: Michael Størdal, Marius Kildalsen, Håvard Hansgård, Krister Kopala, Rune Bøkestad, Martin Lona, Roy Olsen, Truls Berg and Clas Kristensen.

Burnouts are always fascinating to myself and fellow petrol heads, but when it’s presented in slow motion, that, my friends is automotive art.

Throw in the fact that this is a green Dodge Viper being being surrounded in snow white smoke and we got ourselves some amazing colour contrasts going on.

This clearly shows that even though Dodge has decided to axe the current generation Viper, people out there are still enjoying themselves.

With an ability to bend into positions that would have most in wheelchairs, Zlata possess a talent which is only given to a handful of people. The video below explains her ability, but there are still so many unanswered questions. For example:

How can I get myself a piece of this girl? I have never meant this more in my life. HIT THE JUMP!

Jeremy lets his excitement get the best of him while riding a line he’s been scoping from Snowbird’s tram for years. As Jeremy describes at the end of the episode, “It was like a car accident, one of the hardest crashes I’ve had. You get such a huge endorphin high on the way up coupled with adrenaline that you need to reel that in a little bit.”

Deeper Movie,  featured riders: Jeremy Jones, Johan Olofsson, Jonaven Moore, Josh Dirksen, Ryland Bell, Tom Burt, Travis Rice, and Xavier De Le Rue.

Welcome…to the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Concept.

Lamborghini was able keep its curb weight to 999 kg, or 2,202 lbs, thanks to extensive use of carbon fiber and carbon fiber reinforced plastics.

The entire car is essentially constructed from the lightweight materials including the monocoque, front frame, body panels, major suspension components and wheels.

With a 570-horsepower V10 mounted behind the cockpit, the San Elemento has just 3.86 pounds to push for every horsepower.

Lamborghini claims a 0-100 km/h time of just 2.5 seconds and a top speed of over 300 km/hr, or 186 mph!

With Gucci Mane’s album The Appeal: Georgia’s Most Wanted officially in store, Gucci met with VBS TV in New York City to talk about his new album, his music and his most famous chains (particularly his $100k Bart Simpson chain). BURRR!

This amateur video caught by some holidaymakers at Lake Tahoe, California, shows what appears to be a training techniques used for deep water rescues by helicopters. The helicopters hover above the water before dunking themselves in then hitting the gas to lift themselves out. Quite spectacular.

Here is the bonus footage from the Hallelujah DVD. Unseen clips and second angles of Hallelujah stars Torey Pudwill, Ryan Decenzo, Pete Eldridge, Taylor Bingaman, and Tyler Bledsoe with guest appearances by David Reyes, Mike Marks, Chris Troy, Adam Dyet, Carlos Zarazua, Paul Trep, Pat Duffy, and Neal Mims.

In probably the coolest father/son science experiment ever conducted Luke Geissbühler and team launched their very own spacecraft into the atmosphere using only an HD video camera, a weather balloon, an iPhone and miscellaneous household products. Yeah, it’s bloody awesome.

Spend a day with ThirtyTwo/Etnies Snowboard Team rider Chris Grenier in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Although this is not the typical day in the life of a snowboarder. This is what goes down while there’s no snow on the mountain, it’s nice and sunny outside, and Chris has a golf buggy the play with in his yard. Check this one out!

Russian born 20 year old Laura Blokhina looks so darn good in her underwear, I propose a worldwide movement to make it illegal for her to wear anything else. If it’s cold, that will only make things better. Go forth and enjoy the many splendid photos after the jump, good sir.

The 4Bi9 crew embarks on a new adventure…one of groundbreaking feats, strange people, crazy times and epic proportions. Parks are slayed, handrails shut down and back country zones shredded until nothing remains.

In this day and age when tattooing has become so popular, people really need to stop and think if it is right for them, not just get sucked into what they have seen on TV. If you can’t stand the heat, get the hell out the kitchen. This women just about loses her mind, and any chance of ending up with a nice tattoo.

Hey ya’ll, meet Shelby, the consummate swamp-man, who searches for logs left behind by loggers over a century ago. He’s my hero…nothing more needs to be said. Get this man some more gas and bullets this instant. Go go.

Snapping turtle soup anyone? Shout out to Angus at Firestorm Films for the hilarious hookups.

“Before Rebel Jam kicked off in Portugal, Adolfo Olivo, Cam Hardy, Bob Manchester, the two big guys behind Amity, and myself hit the West Coast of Portugal for a spot of surfing at a nature reserve, after our tents were stolen on the second day, surfing was cut short and we drove a little further south to Lagos, hung out on the beach and rode some spots before driving down to Portimao for the Rebel Jam.

After a few days shredding and partying there, we headed further down the coast to pick up our new home for the week ahead…A 39ft yacht. We spent the next week sailing back up the coast, hitting up the empty Rebel Jam course in Portimao, as well as Lagos and Sagres for some street riding, plenty of chilling and of course some drunken antics along the way, all whilst attempting to learn how to sail.”

– Mike King

Have you ever wondered what iconic gaming characters would look like if they weren’t made up of pixels and polygons?

Well take a look at this amazing specimen from Deviant Artist Pac-Man discoverer Jamie Margary.

The quality specimen has been preserved in formaldehyde below for future study.

That’s it, I shall dedicate the rest of my living breathing life to finding Green Yoshi. Who’s with me? Nobody…I thought so. Well, at least I have my invisible friend DJ Pauly D to help me out. We are going to fist pump our way into the history books baby. Saddle up. No I don’t own a horse, we piggy back each other around…Pauly D, ride out!

Candice does not go shy with drumming up some seriously distracting fantasies. If you like where this is going, there is plenty more photos after the jump of Candice dressed up in random hot costumes, and also not dressed in much at all.

I apologize for the three hours you are about to lose from staring at your computer screen.