Everybody kind of remembers Wolfenstein 3D right? I personally remember it as that game I secretly played while my parents were working.

This quick walk through will show you how to get to the secret Wolfenstein 3D room, an easter egg nestled within the very first mission of the game.

Frankly, we’re not sure what’s better, the fact that there’s a Wolfenstein 3D room in Rage, or imagining the reactions from gamers too young to know what Wolfenstein 3D is. Check out the video after the jump…

UFC president Dana White is starting early for UFC 136, kicking his blog off early this week!

The first day of his UFC 136 video blog features skater and entrepreneur Rob Dyrdek, NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal, and lots of behind the scenes from UFC 135 in Denver.

We’ve been glued to Dana’s blogs for a long time, always the best behind the scenes footage.

Ouch dude! He must have been coming towards the corner a little too hot and pulled the front brakes a little too hard. He achieved the overtake on the inside, but did it upside down.

This is Ambition Snowskates third annual full-length film. The film featuring snowskate riding like I’ve never seen before. The sport has clearly been progressing into a street-skating style, making it very enjoyable to watch.

We’re sure all of us into cars have seen many videos coming out of Saudi Arabia of young Arabs drifting on the streets. The practice of taking an average sedan and making it do ridiculously long power slides on public roads is huge over there.

They even have a name for the activity, Tafheet (or Hagwalh), but there are also two sub-sections. Ta’geed means a 360 degree spin and then there is Tantee, which is pretty much a manji-dift to pendulum swing the rear wheels back and forth. We just call it crazy.

Their weapons of choice are typically nothing special. We see Camrys, Corollas, Accords, Civics and various Hyundais. Sources say many of them are also rentals which would explain a lot.

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This is a pussy.

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 じしf_, )ノ

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Until today I wasn’t a huge fan of Vespas. A man by the name of Boulon has changed my mind.

Boulon took his Vespa to the legendary bowl of Marseille in France and proceeded to shred. He is able to ride the bowl much like you would on a bmx, dropping in and jumping over the spine.

Seriously, check this out…

Gravel is one of the last things a longboarder wants to see in front of him, bare a brick wall maybe. This time, two dudes pay the price for one dude’s mistake.

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“What you are about to see is a fantasy. It has no place in the real world.”

That’s how the latest trailer for Forza Motorsport 4 begins, and when a video game trailer needs that kind of warning, you know things are about to get good.

And then Jeremy Clarkson’s voice over begins, telling us all that we’re an endangered species. We, in this case, are those who consider themselves to be automotive enthusiasts. And there’s video to back up this assertion, as a man (in the back seat of an economy car, no less) sits in traffic seemingly on his way to work.

Fear not, petrolheads. Soon, a waiting Aston Martin DB9 is fired up, tires squeal and smoke and our protagonist finds himself wildly escaping the confines of the city and its traffic. But wait. What’s that? Uh oh, the local constabulary has caught on to our man’s actions, and they aren’t pleased. He’s trapped. Again.

The moral of the story? Get your kicks where it’s legal: in your living room, on your xBox 360, playing Forza 4. Thanks, Jeremy, for the friendly reminder.

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The Melanie Iglesias Flip Book is a stop motion video made up of over 2,000 photos starring Melanie Iglesias, featuring her best friend model Lisa Ramos.

Photographed by Michael Creagh in New York City, Melanie decided to release a sequel due to the demand and attention received from her original flip book. Both can be seen after the jump.

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I must say, it was quiet difficult writing this post with one hand. Videos after the jump…

I love Japan’s passion for drifting and the excitement this spectacular jump gives them. I hope he scored extra points for jumping his car like a boss. Hang on a second. Pause the video at 19 seconds and look at the bottom left corner. She’s looking right at me! WTF I didn’t know YouTube was a two-way window!

“All That’s Gold Does Not Glitter” follows artist Scott Campbell on his journey to create two pieces for the Pirelli P Zero tire company, commissioned by its Creative Director Renato Montagner.

Campbell began working in the summer of 2011. He was expected to engrave a Pirelli tire and to design a special edition P Zero bike jacket.

The video begins with Campbell working at his studio in Brooklyn, New York, then delves into his personal experiences with motorcycles, as well as his admiration for Pirelli P Zero.

The piece was directed by Alessandro Zuek Simonetti.

In Penny Pong all you need is a penny and a crushed cup.

These two guys swing wildly as onlookers are amazed by what they are seeing, or what they are not seeing.

As they play penny pong in public areas they flick the cup which creates the sound of them hitting a penny. Check out how it is done in the video below.

Darren Foreman also known as Beardyman is a musician from London renowned for his beat boxing skills and use of live looping technology. He was given the nickname “Beardyman” because a name was quickly needed for a flyer for an early show, and at the time he had a beard. The video below is awesome, check it out below!

The ‘Nine Knights’ is usually a ski contest set on the snow, but now it has come to dirt! This course was built in six weeks in the national park ‘Hohe Tauern’ in Austria.

The course featured a 6-meter drop tower and a 12-meter jump that allowed the world’s best freeriders every opportunity to showcase their talents.

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In Southeast Afghanistan, a soldier captured himself and some soldiers around him in action fighting against the Taliban.

In the montage you get to see a soldiers eye view of what they go through to engage with the enemy, along with using marijuana fields as their cover.

View all to see the video…

Not gonna lie, I have a special spot in my heart for Adriana Lima. It’s the part of my heart that pumps blood into my erections. Right now it’s working double time. LOL! Who am I kidding, all the hours I spend in front of the computer absorbing rays has left me impotent.

Enjoy a mega set of epic Adriana photos after the jump brobro…

Drake, October’s Very Own, has dropped the first video for “Headlines” his first single from his new album due out in a few weeks.The Young Money’s album, Take Care, will drop on October 24th. Headlines is currently 33 on the top 100 singles chart. Most recently, Drake was honored with a star on the Canada Walk Of Fame.

“I am a proud Canadian, and I am grateful to Canada’s Walk of Fame and the Slaight Foundation for this award,” said the Drake in a statement.

Peter Soumalias, Founding Director of Canada’s Walk of Fame, added, “At 24 years of age, Drake has already achieved what has taken others a lifetime to do. He is kind, smart, talented, philanthropic, and driven. He is an inspiring example to all, and we are proud to recognize him this year as our young Canadian making a positive impact.”

Enjoy the video after the jump, cause Drake just made headlines…