Probably the coolest teacher is Korea, lectures his students on the fine art of swearing in English. Video may not be suitable for children and pregnant women. Anyone else, you are totally pickled.

Check out the teaser below for their super park edit, ripping.

Ok, ok…you got me, the photo above is slightly misleading. But I doubt you’ll be disappointed when you watch Filthy Phil give the Kamikaze slide a try!

Shout out to Luke from Absense Of Sense for the hook ups. This is classic :)

OOOWEEE! Selita Ebanks is single, and so am I! *Drives knife into blow-up-doll* This is my destiny!

With Vida Guerra in nothing but body paint, I seem to get a little dizzy. Must be all the ‘paint fumes’. Now for the grueling task of getting that paint off. I volunteer, someone hand me the paint stripper, this is going to take some serious elbow grease.

F’ It (pronounced ef-it), is Special Blend, Forum and Foursquare’s 7th feature length film. The movie features John Jackson, Stevie Bell, Nic Sauve, Jake Welch, Niko Cioffi, Cameron Pierce, Austen Sweetin and The Youngbloods. This is one to worth adding to your DVD collection. Check the teaser below.

Name: Mad Mike Whiddett

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Sponsors: Red Bull, Goodyear,  Castrol,  DC, HKS, Redline Performance, Tein, Weds, Turbosmart, Tengtools, ITS, PPRE, Classic Cover Insurance, Microtech,  .com racing, Lokey, AnyMazSpare.

Part of the Red Bull Chronicles brought to you by Red Bull New Zealand and NZ Greenroom Productions.

Don’t disrespect Speedo’s house, take your hat off inside. Fancy yourself as a rule breaker? Here’s a one way ticket to a pimp slap. This little punk had it coming.

The Dukes is a series of 2 minute clips produced and shot by Adam Dodd for the Australian health food company Sanitarium and the athletes are sponsored by their Up & Go product.

Cam White spends the American Summer in Las Vegas, basing himself there and traveling America on the pro competition circuit.

Check out the video below:

Straight outta New Jersey from Dark Fall Productions comes the highly anticipated Dark Fall, a film by Alex DePhillipo. Check out the world premiere July 16 at the House Of Blues in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Via: Transworld

Jay-Z continues his festival invasion and makes a stop at the Isle Of Wight Festival in the UK.

Here is some footage of him performing “Run This Town” and bringing out Kanye West as a surprise for the massive crowd.

In an exciting day that featured multiple swings through wildly varying weather conditions, Michigan’s Brandon Dosch bested a field of the most respected BMX dirt jumpers in the world, earning the win at the inaugural Red Bull Stomping Ground.

Check out all the riders throwing down below:

Via: Redbull

For one weekend, the viral internet comes together IRL (in real life). ROFLcon II is the brainchild of some outstanding students from Harvard University led by Tim Hwang, gathering the Internet’s foremost meme-makers, their hardcore fans, and the net anthropologists who delight over them. How will you get your 15 MB of fame?

Check out these awesome Super Hornet photos from the RAAF as they practice low level flying in and around Mount Mitchell, Australia.

Via: Defence

Because this clip includes so much rude and crude language, it couldn’t be shown on TV and was edited. We however, can show whatever we like on Shock Mansion, and I couldn’t skip past a classic Russell Brand video, so here it is below :)

In case you missed the MTV Movie Awards last week, Zach Galifianakis along with the rest of Hollywood have hired the best swagga coach in Los Angeles; Taavon. Taavon knows all the freshest moves and wears all the freshest gear. Watch and learn.

Estevan Oriol was invited by Falken Tires to the Formula drift in Long Beach for the opening day. Estevan caught all the drift action, as well as some of the well known faces at the event on a Canon 5d and a Canon 7d.

These dudes shred so hard. Epic spots. Full movie free download coming this fall!

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