Now this might come as a shock, but snow kayaking isn’t a new thing. I know right! Why did I bother with a boring snowboard all these years? This footage is actually from 1991, featuring a man named Damon Gold.  I suppose he got tired of dropping waterfalls, and went for the frozen version, massive snow cliffs.

Look at the way that bikini hugs her tight body, similar to me hugging my Ewok pillow during a thunderstorm. I’m going to do my best to introduce her to the girls in my dreams during my afternoon nap. I’m sure they’ll all get along just fine.

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Rides Magazine hooked up Pharrell Williams with Creative Cycles to work on a custom Harley Davidson. The result is a pretty amazing old school American style Harley.

Watch the video below to see Pharrell talk about the build of the bike.

Art of the Serpent by Parisian artist Guido Mocafico.

Doesn’t use paint, clay or a chisel to create these brilliant works of natural art. Earlier this decade, Mocafico began photographing a wide variety of living snakes in a color-neutral environment. The close-quarter confines in these images cause the snakes to wrap and overlap amongst each other, creating amazing shapes and patterns of bodies and colors.”

Check out the T.I.T.S. x Megan Daniels x Estevan Oriol photo shoot below. The previous video uploaded to Youtube was deleted but we got our hands on a Vimeo version. Megan Daniels has graced our pages before as a Mansion Girl and we think she is banging. Enjoy.

Michael Bay has been hard at work on the new Transformers movie in Chicago. This video has leaked of some behind the scenes footage of a battle scene, featuring lots of gun fire, base jumpers, and of course Bumblebee with Shia Labeouf and the stunning Rosie Huntington Whiteley.

By the looks of it, this movie has a mighty big budget. Hit the jump for more footage taken on the streets of Chicago.

Subaru has some brand new ads for their upcoming 2011 Subaru WRX sedan. As you might know, Subaru beefed up the looks of the sedan too look more like its STi hatch counterpart sporting a new widened body and bumpers from the STi.

With the new sporty appearance, Subaru wanted to show how fun the car is to drive so they came up with these new ads in which normal people ride shotgun with a pro driver (Dave Mirra) as he does his thing. Needless to say, some of the reactions are hysterical!

Yes there’s more, yes they are funny.

Ahhh idiots…keeping the internet fun. See how the first firecracker didn’t work? That was karma trying to stop them. They ignored it and proceed on there merry way. Luckily, no goldfish were killed.

Zach sits down with Steve Carell for what would have been a pleasant discussion, but Steve wouldn’t take a bar of it. Hit the jump to see the trailer for Zach and Steve’s new movie, ‘Dinner For Schmucks’, also starring Paul Rudd.

Sweet idea. Creepy characters. Catchy tune. Awesome quality. I love it!

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I’m glad I wasn’t at the beach the same day that Adriana Lima decided to go. I would have been stuck for hours lying uncomfortably face down tanning my back, while staring through seedy dark sunglasses and muttering gibberish to myself.

For today’s lesson on being a man, we learn the Windsor knot. Learn this and you will be one step further to being a real man like Sean Connery. Next lesson will be how to disrespect women without spilling your glass of scotch. See you then.

He calls himself Robin Hood and has vowed to take from the rich to give to the poor.

But this modern-day version of the legendary outlaw doesn’t roam Sherwood Forest – he strikes at the casinos of glittering Las Vegas.

The mysterious cardsharp uses his skills as a professional gambler to ‘rob’ the casinos and give his winnings to hard-up families.

Along with his ‘Maid Marian’ – a stunning Brazilian model who calls herself Lady Greice – Robin, who insists on maintaining his anonymity, has set up a website inviting people to send in their hard-luck stories and apply for up to $50,000.

Since embarking on his mission, he has given away more than $1,000,000 to deserving families.

This includes $35,000 he won for the Kegler family, who were in debt after paying for vital drugs to treat their toddler daughter’s brain tumour.

Now in his 40s, Robin said he decided it was time to help out others who lead a less fortunate life than his.

‘Most people can only dream the sort of lifestyle I have: Jets to fly me to casinos, staying in 8,000sq floor penthouse apartments, so I wanted to give them a taste of what it is like,’ he said.

The clever men behind Pilot Extra Fine ball pens (aka Barcelona’s Grey Agency) have created a great viral marketing featuring tattooed Lego. Straight out of your mother’s nightmares, these Lego have dedications to Harley Davidson, lots of rad skulls, and in one instance, a rather classic tramp stamp. Which one is your favorite?

This is from the first stop on the Dew Tour. Pretty awesome footage, check it out below.

This video features a whole bunch of stuff getting smashed, hit and or dropped, then played in slow motion. Everything is better in slow motion, except for ripping a band-aid off.

According to modified general relativity equations, our universe may be inside a black hole, the black holes in our universe may contain other universes, and the black holes in those universes may contain other universes…I need a drink!

No wonder we aren’t hanging out with aliens, we must be so hard to find, hidden away in one of potentially millions of huge black rooms.

If Indiana University cosmologist Nikodem Poplawski analysis is right, we may be living inside a black hole. His observations on the motion of particles entering black holes suggest that black holes may not be singularities, like Eintein’s general relativity theory states, but bridges to different universes:

Maybe the huge black holes at the center of the Milky Way and other galaxies are bridges to different universes!

According to Poplawski, instead of matter reaching infinite density while going through a black hole, the particles rebound and expand again. This phenomenon, which is based in the Einstein-Cartan-Kibble-Sciama theory of gravity, would explain many of the observations that have puzzled physicists for year, and give an explanation to the direction of space time in our universe.

This came damn close to breaking my brain but after reading it several times, it makes sense if these theories are correct.

So the big questions on everyone’s lips? Does Megan Fox have a sex tape and can I watch it! No wait, I mean…what the hell is outside our giant black hole? The entire post freaks me out and I love it.

Via: Newscientist

At a burrito restaurant in NYC on 34th, an unhappy customer caused a ruckus, resulting in the entire front of the shop being turned upside down. I’m not sure what it was all about, but it was basically the waiters versus a few burrito eaters. I could imagine the conversation before hand would have been something like, “I asked for guacamole on my Cheese and Bean Supreme! Kindly accept a punch in the chin for making my burrito less delicious!”. This post has me all fired up… for lunch. I’m going to go punch a slice of pizza into my mouth so hard.