Apparently, “left four and a half after crest” is code for ‘hold the f**k on, we are going for a 35 meter flight!’

Watch as DJ Scoob Doo and Streets Talk DVD take you behind the scenes with Lil Wayne and the I Am Still Music Tour in Indiana recently.

Wayne chats about the recent gossip regarding his stylist Marissa Torres and how she keeps him fresher than the rest, then the camera follows him up on stage.

After the jump a fake Lil Wayne was spotted on Weezy’s tour and the fans went crazy. Hilarious! Is this dude for real?

Genevieve Morton is from South Africa, and loves Shock Mansion. She visits the site everyday and loves watching the weird internet videos. Nah, I’m just jacking you. We all have our own fantasies, yours might also involve Genevieve Morton, hmm?

Gavin McInnes brings on the magic by making a random person off the streets disappear and then reappear again. Let’s get into the magic zone. Bring on the magic, bring on the magic, bring on the magic…

Good Charlotte are currently in Australia as part of their World Tour promoting their rad new album Cardiology. Jake Hollywood caught up with the homies backstage at their Brisbane show. You know Shock Mansion is all about business, stay tuned for some rad things together in the near future.

Benji, Joel, and about 2,000 friends decided to do a sing-a-long in the streets of Adelaide recently. Now that’s the type of crowd busker’s dream about!

Check out their latest video from the first half of their Australian tour below. Don’t forget to follow Benji and Joel on Twitter while your at it.

Arbor International Team Rider, Scotty Vine spent a couple of days in the Eastern Sierras shredding Mammoth Mountain’s Main Park and June Mountain’s Park during the Taco Tuesday event. Don’t miss the one footed 360 ender, it’s dope.

Every time I watch these guys eat, it makes me want to throw up. Not because their food is disgusting, because I get so depressed that I cant eat what they are eating.

I’m pretty sure I put on a few kilos just watching this and I love it! Next time, they eat their own families.

Swollen Members shot a new video scenes for the alternate version of Sai-Giddy’s single “Bring Me Down”, off their Dagger Mouth album which is available on iTunes and in stores.

Get it online HERE.

While the DC snow team is keeping busy out on the mountain this season filming for various projects, DC is giving fans a look at some of the best footage captured of its team from last season. DC will be releasing one new video each week, showcasing a new rider from now until April 18th.

Everyone’s favorite red head is back with more gifts and less clothing. Youtube contacted me saying that I was watching this video on repeat too many times and they needed me to chill out. I didn’t reply because I was watching this Cintia Dicker video.

Now would be a good time to make sure your girlfriend isn’t standing behind you. Enjoy.

I’ll keep this short and sweet. A group of assassins come together for a suicide mission to kill an evil lord. Awesome.

Whoa there big fella, don’t let your fake cop badge get the better of you. This tripped out security guard goes hard on these skater kids, only to offer a hand shake and an apology. To be honest, I don’t think he was sorry, he just ran out of gas after missing his traditional 10:32am 6-pack of donuts.

British roboticist and film-maker John Nolan’s animatronic creations are disturbing, grotesque and amazingly wonderful, especially in partial undress. Nolan’s work includes films like, Hellboy, Where the Wild Things Are, Doctor Who and Harry Potter.

Animatronics uses computer technology, mechanical devices, robotics, and radio control to animate puppets or other models in order to create special effects for film or animated and interactive displays. While films are using more and more CGI and stop motion animation, robotic FX artists bring unique skills to cinematic projects.

The Deathwish crew had a ton of unused footage from their last 2 summer tours so they threw a bunch of it together for everyone to check out. This is Episode 1 of ‘The Low Life Tour’ series. The new new Deathwish video is coming soon.

Here is a new featurette for Walt Disney Pictures upcoming movie “Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” titled From Disneyland To The Big Screen. In the video you can learn a bit about the original “Pirates of the Caribbean” attraction at Disneyland and you also get an exclusive look behind the scenes of the upcoming fourth movie in the franchise. The featurette is hosted by Geoffrey Rush, who stars in the film as Captain Barbossa.

Suelyn Medeiros is another in a very long line of incredibly hot chicks from Brazil. Must be something in the coconuts that makes women take on coconut like characteristics. I wonder if the men get stretch marks on their scrotums.

Check out this epic video for Tempest Freerunning Academy in California. The academy is dedicated to growing freerunning and parkour. This place features all the facilities for freerunning you can imagine, including a Super Mario Bros. area for the people who like eating mushrooms and saving princesses.

You can see more at the Tempest website here.

Have a peep at this cool sledding video featuring riding by Alexey Bykov in a snowy region of Russia. Slow motion makes everything better, sledding in particular.