Enough to make any young lad want to tear off his scouts uniform and dance around a campfire lit by rubbing sticks together, 3130 pint size rockets were launched at the same time setting a new world record. This launch smashed the old record of 965 set in 2007. This footage is dope, Scout’s honor.

A 300-pound chimpanzee named Sue is back in custody after escaping from a south Kansas City home and going on a rampage, climaxing with the animal smashing out the windshield of a police car. As the police were preparing to shoot the chimp, the owner arrived and was able to get the rascal back into her cage.

Witnesses say Sue gave KCMO Animal Control officers the middle finger before she then pushed a trash can into a police car. I get the feeling that if we had a chance, Sue and I would be best friends.

Check out Dennis Durrant’s latest video part for Circa Shoes. This Aussie ripper hails from Brisbane and has skills spilling out of his ears.

Check it. Yew!

Graffiti artists Bam and Vogue turned Johnson Jeng’s Sharpie-covered Lexus IS 350 into an inspired ‘good vs. evil’ canvas using spray paint and a steady hand. Looks cool in the shop, but insane on the street!

Jennifer has appeared in more than ten reality TV shows, and was featured on the E! True Hollywood Stories: Football Wives episode because of her marriage to NFL safety Adam Archuleta. She’s also served as eye candy in a number of music videos from artists such as Justin Timberlake, Sterophonics and Marc Anthony. She now works full time appearing in my day dreams. More after the jump.

Shia LaBeouf was caught on video throwing a cup of coffee at a photographer in Washington DC the other day. Shia opted for the hit and run attack, nice choice. Right after it the Paparazzi would have been wondering if it was raining coffee or if a ninja just took a hot leak on his back. I hope to see more sneak attacks from the Transformers star in the future. Well played.

Ok…so this dude posted up a video of him shooting a Justin Bieber photo with an F2000 Assault Rifle. The first thing I want to say is please pick a better gun next time, the F2000 is a load of garbage, even my grandmother knows this.

Secondly, if I put myself in Justin Bieber’s shoes and became him for a day, watched this video, I would probably have a panic attack and lock myself in the house for the next 3 years. Ah well, that’s the inter-noodle for you, always pushing the limits of entertainment.

After the jump, the same hilarious Russian decides to shoot a .50 Cal Desert Eagle one handed. It is fun yes? As always, have nice day.

Dani Kralik flows perfect trails the right way with relaxed style and takes his unique tech riding to some interesting looking skate parks.

When I say for the die hards, I’m basically referring to myself as this is one of my favorite movie franchises. I am addicted to these slash-tastic films. The video below shows the audience at the Scream Awards getting an awesome little teaser of the up and coming movie. It features Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette, and Wes Craven as director.

Scream 4 will hit theaters April 15, 2011. I’m already waiting in line…with my knife, in case anybody tries any line cutting funny business. Just kidding, I don’t carry knives with me, that would be immature of me. I carry a sword sticky taped down my right leg, hence my limp.

The title of this short  film ‘MAX 6′, refers to the maximum capacity of the elevators, and is now emblazoned on the doors lest anyone forget that the consequences of overloading can be very messy!

What could possibly go wrong? Find out below.

Watch below as a Russian traffic officer jumps into a motorist’s car to escape a pack of marauding wolves on the M23 highway recently.

Then below, a new video has surfaced showing more wolves running wild through a car park.

They seem hungry, maybe that’s what brings them into the city. Whatever it may be…they are climbing in your windows, snatching your people up, so y’all need to hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your husband, cause they’re biting everyone out here.

Check out 17 year old Australian rider Jye Kearney’s full part taken from the Australian / NZ snowboard film “Made You Look”. Awesome talent.

George Rahayem stepped into the driver’s seat recently to set the record for the world’s fastest rotary with a 6.708 @ 206 Mph at the Sydney Dragway.

Well done guys, go the rotors. Check it out below.

In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Olivia self-administers a breast exam. I have been studying this video for the last for hours, so if any ladies out there need help examining themselves, my hands are always open.

Here’s a new one from Amity Bike Co. featuring Damo Wilkinson shredding some trails in the UK. This is also yet another awesome trails edit from Dave King. Check it out!

Via: JustenSoule

We all eventually find ways to make money to live. People who choose Ice Hockey as their career have no choice but to include bare knuckle fighting as part of their job. The trick is to be great at both. Check out Eric Godard and Trevor Gillies go at it.

One of the few original, but best tracks from last year’s No Ceilings mixtape. Shot by DJ Scoob Doo and produced by Cool & Dre. I love it.

Well, well, well, Looky what we have here, some breasts. I like all kinds; big breasts, little breasts, chicken breasts. I wonder if Katie Rivers is any good at cooking chicken, if she is I have found the perfect women. Hit the jump for more, but promise me you will keep your eyes off my chicken.