Basically a video where European girls walk a ‘One Way Runway’ which leads off a small cliff into water just to prove that their O’Neill bikinis won’t fall off…what more do you want on a weekend?

You don’t usually remember the stumbles you take when drunk, in fact, usually, you have to reconstruct them the next day, based on a makeshift forensic analysis of cuts and bruises. But thanks to London’s commitment to violating basic privacy rights through the use of an extensive network of security cameras, this as-yet unidentified gentleman shouldn’t have a problem figuring out how, exactly, he got that huge gash on his head.

On May 22, an EF-5 Monster Tornado flattened portions of the Southwest side of Joplin, Missouri. Jeff and Kathryn Piotrowski hit the record button and chased the tornado down to capture this jaw-dropping footage. They then sprung into action after the mile wide tornado past to help those in need.

The intensity of the footage below makes it hard to believe it isn’t a scene from a Spielberg movie. Shock Mansion sends our very best wishes to the City of Joplin.

NYC cyclists don’t always respect the rules of the road. But, as New Yorker Casey Neistat makes painfully clear in this PSA, it’s hard to respect the rules when the rules don’t respect you!

Wait before I take my pants off, can you show me that you are a certified nurse? Oh you aren’t, even better. Weeeeee!

The Nike Chosen – Just Do It extended remix features footage of Nike’s best action sports athletes to a remixed version of Hanni El-Khatib’s “I Got a Thing.”

Filming under lights at night with the likes of Mason Aguirre, Peetu Piiroinen, Louie Vito, Greg Bretz, Paul Rodriguez, Theotis Beasley, Omar Salazar, Julian Wilson, Alejo Muniz, Monyca Byrne-Wickey, Michel Bourez, Kolohe Andino and Malia Manuel.

Police escorts through the cities, perfect pipes and night waves, awesome stuff.

Nike continually set the bar at such a high level, I love it. Check it out below.

Go behind the scenes after the jump…

OffTheWall.TV follows Mr. Cartoon on his global “tattoo tour” in the first installment of his Time and Space series. Although he is famous for more mainstream collaborations with the likes of Nike and Toyota, Mr. Cartoon showcases in this video that he still remains most gifted at the art of tattooing.

While in Japan, Cartoon discusses the history of body art in the country as well as the cultural taboos associated with the tradition of tattooing – which have long been linked to the Yakuza.

Wolverine: That frightening, furious and hairy X-Man with the claws that go Shhwing! The berzerk, bare knuckle brawler who beats the odds and the bad guys at almost every turn.

Spider Man: Spiderman. Does whatever a spider can. Spins a web, any size. Catches thieves, just like flies. You know the story. Thwiiip! Here comes the Spider Man.

The tattoo was done by Révai Balázs at Dark Art Tattoo in Budapest, Hungary. Who’s side are you on?

This happened on the Mulholland Highway about a mile East of Kanan Dume Road. The dude was apparently ok enough to ride the rest of the day. That guardrail has seen more action than a truck-stop hooker. Anyone else notice the laser feet at the 48 second mark?

The duo of Eminem and Royce Da 5’9 – better known as Bad Meets Evil – reconnect over ten years later after their fan favorite debut “Nuttin’ To Do” single and are just days away from releasing their highly anticipated Hell: The Sequel EP to the public.

The EP’s first single, “Fast Lane,” gets the big budget video treatment and the clip is just as bonkers as the punchline laden rhymes from Slim Shady and Nickel Nine.

Next up we’ve got Daddy’s Lambo…one of the best tracks on Yelawolf – 0-60 Trunk Muzik album.

It marks Yela’s first major video, produced under the Shady Records umbrella of course. Album coming later this year.

Below is the E3 trailer for Crytek’s new Kinect title, Ryse. Ryse is a new game which uses the full breadth of Kinect’s features to offer a game play experience where your whole body is the controller.

Players become a legendary Roman warrior, fighting for his life in an all out war. Gamers everywhere have been asking for a Kinect game that hits core gamers at their hearts, and I don’t think you can hit that nail much more on the head than with Ryse.

Ryse offers unique gameplay, pitting the player’s entire body as a weapon in a fearsome battle for survival. No release date has been given for the title.

Wa wa wee wa! I think I’m growing angel wings cause I must be going to heaven. Actually no, what I am growing would be better explained as a kind of reverse devil tail. Boing! More after the jump.

Mercedes-Benz gave tennis champion Roger Federer the exclusive opportunity to test-drive the 2012 SLS AMG Roadster.

Watch as Roger puts the roadster through its paces, and listen as the 563-horsepower V-8 engine echoes across the desert expanse.

Somebody get this man on the new episodes of Top Gear right now.

Featuring huge back country jumps, seemingly endless pillow lines, mind blowing deep powder, epic tree skiing, and unique new highlights yet to be seen in the back country. Follow Tanner after his two year recovery, taking his skiing into a new realm with a comeback segment that won’t be forgotten.

In the latest edition of absurd Facebook related tattoos: This lady got a tattoo of her 152 Facebook friends’ faces on her arm.

Real or Fake? What are your thoughts? Personally, I’m calling this one a fake dudes. No redness, no bleeding and the very relaxed position of the “artist” (that I would totally tap by the way) leads me to believe this is fake.

The “artist” is kicking back like she’s writing a letter, not creating microscopic portraits. But what would I know, I’m only on the tail end of finishing my body suit.

Here is the criminally hot British bombshell Lauren Ridealgh. You would think she is dressed up for a Halloween party, but this is just how she rolls everyday. Personally, I only bust out the nipple tassel on special occasions, but each to their own. Peep more after the jump.

I’m sure most of you are aware what planking is. If not, it’s a popular Australian pastime, where basically you act like a plank of wood. Sounds weird, but us Aussies do whatever the hell we want, got it cobba?

Now we witness the birth of ‘cone-ing’. But what is cone-ing? Is it illegal? Will I be able to put it on my résumé? Can I do it with my mum? All is revealed in the video below.

Epic Meal Time has epic bits of deliciousness in a bite-size form. The Sauce Boss is back, bringing that sick fingering technique.

Clicking play on the video below? Now that’s mother f**king smart gee.

Plus after the jump…Epic Meal Time tattoo? Next level sh*t. This dude needs a guest spot on one of their episodes just for his over the top dedication.