Check out this epic Speed Riding from Base legend Marshall Miller! Filmed with the GoPro HD at Chamonix in France.

If you’ve ever sat down and watched dudes shred their local break, looked down at your watch and realized you’ve been there for half an hour because they were ripping…that is how I felt watching Dane’s 32 minute awesome edit below dubbed, Seen Unseen from Dane’s blog

Via: Transworld

From the hilarious minds of Will Ferrell and Adam McKay of Funny or Die, The Virginity Hit is a movie is about a group of friends that try to document one friend’s quest to lose his virginity. The movie is out in select cities right now.

Blue Angel Vodka wanted to know what would happen if five of their favorite directors had the exact same creative brief and budget to make a video showcasing their own unique vision of how to make a BAM aka Blue Angel Martini.

Internationally known fine artist, Mike Giant, creates his piece using stop motion plus animation. Check it out below!

WaterAid chases Londoners with this remote controlled poo to demonstrate the plight of the 2.6 billion people globally who don’t have access to a toilet. The victims of WaterAid’s poo can escape – but billions of people across the world can’t.

Via: Digtoilets

This short drift video is made using only wearable/mountable cameras. It captures the playful side of drifting, with two mates enjoying the smell of smokey tires in an empty car park. Looks like fun!

There are two types of inventions; those that are brand new ideas, and those that are two existing ideas glued together. You already know which type of invention this one is, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want one so badly I wouldn’t sell a kidney. No joke, throw in an ice bath for me and we have ourselves a deal.

Random Bastards presents, in association with Methodmag and Haze, their seventh snowboard film. Directed and edited by Kristofter “Kuske” Fahlgren. Produced by Eric Hörstedt and Random Bastards.

7UP will be released fall 2010 and distributed as a free digital download and stream through Method TV and Random Bastards TV.

It’s time for everyone to experience the final act of a so-called legend. The lucky ones were given a taste of the final Saw installment at Comic-Con this year, and now the makers of the insanely popular horror franchise have returned with yet another look at Saw 3D.

I can’t wait! I’m a complete horror nut and will be positively lapping this up. Will you?

Shot on a Canon 7D camera and using a plugin effect called Twixtor, this amazing slow motion video makes even the simplest things look amazing. Check it out! Pictured above is Alex Magallan doing a gap to double peg, in New Mexico. It’s unrelated to the video below because I do what I want, I’m an adult.

Coming out in time for the holiday season, ‘Rare Exports’ is a movie set in Finland about the discovery of Santa and his lair. Sounds pleasant right? Wrong! Santa Claus is a psycho who will kill those who are naughty.

With such a subject matter, a movie like this could easily turn out to be cheesy, but this is actually looking darn good. Thankfully this Finnish movie is in English. Check out the movie website here.

Hipsters have long been easy targets. I mean, why are those shorts so tight, and why doesn’t your bike stop pedaling? They leave themselves open to insults so much it hardly seems worth it. I thought I’d had all the laughter I could have until my eyes and this video met, and they made sweet visual love together.

This poor leopard went in hard against many men with guns, no whimpering, just a brave growl and then a fight for its life. I just don’t get these f**ken idiots. Why would you want to go and kill a leopard. They are such gorgeous and endangered creatures doing nothing more than trying to survive.

We all know which one is the real pussy here. Trophy hunters make me f**ken sick.

Simple enough to literally take apart in minutes, there’s no wonder the Jeep was given the nickname ‘Just Enough Essential Parts’. If you thought changing your girlfriends tire of the side of the road made you a legitimate man, you got another thing coming.  Here’s to the troops, come home soon!

Check out the teaser of the new film by PVS, the best of French freeskiing scene, arrives exclusively on and Zapiks. The film will be available for download / streaming in fall 2010

Riders Include: Arnaud Kugener, Kevin Rolland, Xavier Bertoni, Richard Permin, Guerlin Chicherit, Guillaume Sbrava, Sam Favret, Tom Barnier, Laurent Favre, Arnaud Rougier, Antoine Diet, Thomas Diet, Bat Causse, Adrien Coirier, Loic Collomb-Patton, Ane Enderud, Virginie Faivre, Kelly Sildaru, Leo Taillefer, Doud’s Charlet and many more.

High-speed winch + 8 foot ramp + slip and slide + a whole bunch of crazy people = BEST SLIP AND SLIDE EVER.

Red Bull athletes Levi Lavallee, Parks Bonifay, JD Webb, Adam Errington, Pat Milbury, Miles Daisher, and Othar Lawrence teamed up to make this slip and slide session one of the best of all time.

Part skateboard talent, part circus extraordinaire, Kilian Martin skills on his board speak for itself. Check the video below to see Kilian’s skateboarding creativity with your own peepers. I gotta go practice one-foot manuals, peace.

New naked photos of Kim are being released to members of the Playboy Cyber Club. I ran into a couple of the images and they are smoking hot. Playboy says they have a total of 25 new images of Kim in the Cyber Club. I haven’t checked them out yet…because my credit card is still maxed from my recent “Order a Russian Bride” mistake. Damn you life controlling testosterone!

Anyway…the sexy nude photo shoot Kim Kardashian did in 2007 was a bestseller for Playboy magazine but Kim thought otherwise.

“I’m sorry I did Playboy. I was uncomfortable.” Kim said earlier this year. She added that she was pressured by her mother Kris Jenner, who told her to “go for it!” We thank you Kris.