The 1978 World Rally Champion, the Ferrari 4×4 and a challenge on an ice track.

Your about to watch Markku Alen behind the wheel of the FF to trial the 12-cylinder on the Arjeplog track in the North of Sweden.

Thanks to the excellent performance as well as the mechanical set up and the innovative 4RM system, the Gran Turismo from Maranello entertained and thrilled the former World Champion on a spectacular track with ups and downs and challenging corners, passing the test with a top grade.

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Back in 2005, it was decided that the Facebook headquarters needed some sprucing up. It needed a paint job of some sort, but not something bland and corporate. No, something fun, colorful, and interesting.

As such, Facebook hired graffiti artist David Choe and commissioned a few stupid dope burners, offering him a choice of payment upon their completion: He could either take a few grand, or some stock. You can probably guess which choice he made.

While Choe initially thought Facebook’s concept was “ridiculous and pointless” at the time, Choe apparently felt the urge to gamble a little bit, and it sure has paid off. With the Facebook IPO, he’s expected to suddenly be worth around $200 million. Not bad pay for a single gig, right?

Of course, Choe’s not the only one who’s slated to become a millionaire over night. At least 1,000 Facebook employees are said to hold enough stock to make that happen.

How this windfall will affect his role in collaborating with San Francisco-based Upper Playground remains to be seen, but I’m sure he stays humble and maintains his tireless work ethic while staying true to the roots of graf culture.

As for me, I’d be halfway to the morgue or prison by now. Watch the video after the jump…

So it’s not as good as naked girls, but if you use your imagination, a lass in yoga pants can give you all the visual excitement you need.

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Most of you will be familiar with the incredible work of Jun Cha. We have featured him several times on Shock Mansion before and it is now time for a look at some of his latest and most incredible work. For more, check out his Facebook and website.

I have no background information on this wild footage besides the fact that it’s apparently from a riot involving the police and a group of protesters from the village of Nuwaidrat. You’d want cat (or dog) like reflexes if you were the police, ducking and diving from fire bombs being hurled at them from every direction. Intense stuff!

Check it out below.

Our prayers have been answered with this good-times street skating edit without slo-mo, time lapses, and excessive art-faggery. Enjoy this raw Nike SB Team digi-montage.

World famous designer, Alexander Wang, has teamed up with South African rap-rave collective, Die Antwoord, to bring his 2012 spring campaign. Die Antwoord feature in two videos; a behind-the-scenes clip and the official campaign with “Fatty Boom Boom” from Die Antwoord’s new album Ten$ion playing.

Motive DVD will be showing all the TV show coverage plus the behind the scenes footage, bloopers and further stories on the events. They couldn’t help themselves and put together this greatest “hits” montage to get every one pumped up for Motive DVD #14. Check it out below…

This is a video of ‘The Stuntbusters’ Speed TV’s automotive show that I think just sets crap on fire.

Your looking at a 1974-1980 MG Midget 1500 flipping through the air at 1000 frames per second.

It’s absolutely the most awesome thing I’ve seen today. Don’t be selfish now, share this with your friends…

Tat·too: To mark a part of the body with an indelible design by inserting pigment into punctures in the skin.

Ad·dict·ed: Enthusiastically devoted to a particular thing or activity.

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At least 74 people were killed and hundreds injured after soccer fans rushed the field in the Egyptian city of Port Said following an upset victory by the home team over the country’s top club, setting off clashes and a stampede as riot police largely failed to intervene.

The Interior Ministry said 74 people died, including one police officer, and 248 were injured, 14 of them police.

The footage showed Al-Ahly players rushing for their locker room as fistfights broke out among the hundreds of fans swarming on to the field. Some men had to rescue a manager from the losing team as he was being beaten.

Amazingly, in Cairo, a completely different soccer match halted because of the Port Said violence set fire to the bleachers at the main stadium in the Egyptian capital, authorities said. No injuries were reported, and employees said firefighters extinguished the blaze before it caused much damage.

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Here is a player who definitely puts the high in high school basketball. At 17 years old Mamadou Ndiaye already stands at a whopping 7ft 5in tall and, weighing 22 stone with size 19 feet!

Mamadou, originally from Senegal, is thought to be the tallest high school basketball player in the US right now.

The teen currently plays for Brethren Christian Warriors school in Huntington Beach, California. Brethren Christian basketball coach Jon Bahnsen said, despite YouTube videos showing him tripping up, he had high hopes for his player.

He said: ‘Right now his game is basically catch, turn, drop-step, dunk. But this kid’s going to play professionally someday…

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“My name is Said and I’m from Gran Canaria (Canary Islands). I made this video with all the footage I collected from my travels through Indonesia.”

“I tried to show you what it felt like to take a trip like this. And also show the variety of awesome camera angles that is possible when you get creative with the GoPro camera.”

I have no idea how he mounted the camera up so high on his board but I absolutely love the results. Check it out after the jump…

The boys in blue are out in full force on the hunt for street riders, but on a sunny afternoon, these dudes can be found popping up front wheels at full speed around the city blocks just not giving a f**k.

Too bad the video doesn’t show how on earth he got up with the two boards. The other board probably took a beating but I’m pretty sure that’s the $114 costco foam board that he takes into pipe sometimes.

For those who don’t give a sh*t about football, watch this on the big screen instead. This is what happens when you finally wash the wank sock.

When landing a helicopter, I guess there are a few basic rules to follow. Make sure you don’t land on people likely comes first, but a close second is probably to avoid landing near things that stand a good chance of getting blown away. This pilot didn’t remember that part.