It’s that time again for Epic Meal Time to put together one of the most amazing meals of all time. This round they tackle the final frontier, dessert.

As always, creativity is key and you know these dudes deliver the goods straight to your mouth. I hope you like cinnamon twists.

2 girls 1 crepe. Bon appetit!

Join Adriana Lima backstage where pouting, powder and posing rules baby. Always wanted to be a fly on the wall at a Victoria’s Secret parade? You’re in the right place. Step right this way. You’re welcome.

We’ve been following rapper Yelawolf for some time now, even before he was a signed artist. Yelawolf has lived beyond the hype and is continually pushing further and growing bigger.

Check the Complex video below with Yelawolf as he gives us a tour of the Five Points neighborhood in Atlanta.

Chris Pfeiffer, a well-known street bike freestyler and four-time World and European stunt champion, takes on the daring challenge to complete a spectacular head on stunt.

Pfeiffer’s G450X bike jumps on a skating rink and speeds in the opposite direction of a fast sliding bobsled. On the bob, we have retired Olympic gold medalist, Christoph Langen, another fearless rider that accepts the challenge. The result? Let’s take a look shall we?

Sean Burns wraps up 2010 with this wild edit featuring riding from Boston and Las Vegas. This dude is nuts, that manual to roof gap was seriously insane.

Rally driver Wyatt Knox wants to take rallying into the action sports world and plans to do so with his recent backside, car slide video.

I’m not sure about this being the first time it’s ever been done (See Rob Dyrdek’s Skateboard Car above) but I give him full props for doing it so well. Watch it below.

With the worldwide population expected to exceed seven billion in 2011, National Geographic magazine offers a 7-part series examining specific challenges and solutions to the issues we face.

The magazine introduces the series with its January cover story “7 Billion,” offering a broad overview of demographic trends that got us to today and will impact us all tomorrow. The first in-depth story will appear in the March issue, focusing on humans’ impact on the planet’s geology. Other stories will follow throughout 2011.

How these boobs got so massive is a mystery, but luckily I have Mulder and Scully on speed dial… Turns out Melissa Marie is a straight up alien, and I am keen for some of that intergalactic vajayjay. Will she invite me into her love saucer? The truth is out there.

Eirikur Helgason AKA “Eiki”, hails from a little country called Iceland, and an even littler town known as Akureyri. He’s the quiet type who much like most people with his level of snowboarding talent, prefer their riding to do the talking for them.

Check out Eiki Helgason’s Full Part from Standard Films’ new offering, “The Storming”.

This massive positive CG hit about 200m away from their location. The bolt appears to hit near the base of the tree, possibly a termite mound as a large puff of dust can be seen after the initial strike! Check it out below.

This is the recently released trailer for Director Kevin Smith’s thriller ‘Red State’. A group of kids encounters a crazed preacher (based on Fred Phelps, founder of the Westboro Baptist Church) who gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘extreme fundamentalism’.

Ever since Clerks (co-winner of the Filmmakers Trophy at the 1994 Sundance Film Festival), Kevin Smith has been known for his sharp, subversive, comedic writing. He shifts from comedy to horror with Red State and aptly demonstrates that good writing transcends genre. The film will have its world premiere at Sundance, where Smith plans to auction off the rights, the trailer lists a March release date.

First up ladies and gentlemen we have Megan Fox who recently went to Hawaii with her husband whose name I can never remember, and put on this sexy bikini. Pretty sure that tattoo down near her who-har says Mansion by the way, just saying.

Lady Gaga is always super friendly to her fans, but one may have been too friendly back and grabbed her boob while she stopped for photos in Paris. She loved it. Wait, whats that? Sorry folks, I’m getting word that she didn’t. Whatev’s moving right along.

Katy Perry played in Boston recently in a skin tight, candy cane looking, body suit, and either showed off her camel toe or stood in a shadow at the wrong instant. Either way her body is banging. Cheers Russell. That wasn’t a sarcastic cheers by the way, I generally fan him. It looks sarcastic though doesn’t it? He’s going to hate me now.

Shane O’Neill recently drooped a Christmas special ‘Battle Commander’ on The Berrics, which, like all other Shane O’Neill footage is breath taking and needs to be watched a few times. Don’t blink or you”ll miss something!

You may have heard of Jessica Hart before, famous for her beauty and gap teeth. I know what I’d like to slip between those teeth… my chicken soup. I need someone to check if it’s been poisoned. Ever since I let a homeless guy move in, my food has been tasting strange. I suspected him of tampering with my milk, so I’ve been putting my own pee in it, just in case. More of Jessica After the jump.

This one’s for all the high octane petrol heads out there. 12 minutes of near misses, wrecks and wheels up action over the past year. Check it out below!

Former WWE and TNA female wrestler and model Lacey Von Erich is working with a company called Ring Divas to have a “private wrestling session” with her. The video below is a tasty preview of what it would be like to wrestled with Lacey Von Erich. I don’t know that I’d want her stomping my nuggets if I was wrestling her, or would I? No, I much prefer her to softly work my testicles like a speed bag whilst holding my Willie Nelson.

You might remember the 200 Yard Gong Shot golf challenge, well this is challenge number 2, the Clay Pigeon Golf Shot!

The golfers sepping up are 4 x European Tour Winner Thongchai Jaidee, BMW International Open Winner David Horsey, 3 x European Tour Winner Johan Edfors and BMW PGA Champion Simon Kahn.

No aiming scopes can help them on this one, nothing but skill and a bit of luck. Can any of these top golfers knock a clay pigeon out of the sky with a golf ball?

Check out the Deathwish and Shake Junt crew skate at the North Hollywood park.