Made for the Bicycle Film Festival, this edit dubbed Erik Elstran’s Dragon Shredit features Erik pulling off some incredibly creative maneuvers on his BMX. This clip is entertaining for the whole family. For real, pull up a chair grandma.

In a fairly casual manner, this New York City resident hops onto the roof of a subway train in search of a free ride cheap thrill. Ballsy move.

Hit the jump to watch train surfers do their thing all over the world.

Take a look behind the scenes of the Jackass 3D movie, where the cameras are now all 3D, but everyone still has to walk around with one eye looking over their shoulder, and one hand covering their balls. So pumped to see this!

This amazing footage shows a criminal in Brazil fleeing the police. The driver manages to ram cars, run over police on motorbikes and evade getting shot! Sounds exciting right? Wait until you hear the commentary from the news reporter, if I closed my eyes I could have been watching a very exciting soccer game.

A special guest hits the Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis, action movie legend Bruce Willis. Bruce gets deep when he talks about his hay day back in the 80’s, and how things have crumbled since then.

The Volcom crew got together for a day of ripping at the Stoner Park in West L.A. The video features Mark Appleyard, Grant Taylor, David Gravette, Louie Lopez, Dustin Dollin and Chima Ferguson (pictured above).

These guys recently had a fun little run against each other in the outskirts of New Delhi, India.

Lamborghini Gallardo
– 6-speed manual gearbox
– Loc catback exhaust
– Fabspeed cat-delete pipes
– Evoms ecu tune
– 120 lb. weight reduction
– Approx. 465 HP

Porsche 997 Turbo
– Tiptronic gearbox
– Full straight pipe exhaust
– Intake
– Ecu tune
– Approx. 500 HP

Which one would you choose?

Talk about a bombshell! This bodacious blond is 24-year-old glamor and bikini model, Lindsay Matway. Just so y’all don’t get any ideas, me and her are an item. You know what they say about things written on the internet, they are always true! Call me later Lindsay.

French filmers K.I.M. present this new footage of the biggest jump ever built in the Spanish Pyrenees.

It all goes down at Cerler in Spain. The jump is called “La Petite Lila”. It’s a 35 meter gap, it’s 10 meters high and you need to hit it at 100kph.

Created by riders Yoann Harmonic and Mathias Giacardy, Hara Kiri Productions also came out for the fun, including Victor De Le Rue, Victor Daviet and Johann Basaimy. Check it out!

Via: Transworld

Cowboys Stadium, the host of this year’s Super Bowl and Dude Perfect’s most exciting moment yet. The world record has been, well, obliterated!

Next up for Dude Perfect? The Grand Canyon! Not really…but I’d love to see someone try, that would be epic.

Check out the various angles below.

Shock Mansion: Thanks heaps for you time, how have you been?

Kana Mayhem: Hey Shock Mansion, thank you! I’ve been super busy. Between working, working and a little playtime…I don’t really have too much time for myself. Hehe.

Shock Mansion: Fill us in on Kana Mayhem, what do you do and how long have you been doing it?

Kana Mayhem: I am a misfit, rebel, and an arrogant prick ♥ Haha! No, I work part time as a co-host on a radio show called The Todd Alan Show on Primer Radio. Model for almost 3 years and at night I am a bartender at a very upscale high energy club, SKIN in Scottsdale, AZ. And when I do get time to myself I will jump on my dirt bike, I don’t mind getting a little dirty.

During a car chase scene  on the set of the Transformers 3 movie, a police SUV collided with yellow Chevy Camaro known in the movie as Bumblebee. The accident was caused by people involved using different radio stations. Transformers 3 isn’t set for release until July 1, 2011, so this real life action scene will have to tide you over until then.

Chicks in skimpy lingerie laying vicious hits on one another as they toss around the pigskin. Does it get any better than that? Apparently it does. Just look what happens when they score a touchdown. OOWWW!

Calligraffiti artist  Niels Meulman teamed up with Mercedes Benz to write the names of women on a white Mercedes-Benz B-Class to commemorate the women that The Pink Ribbon foundation support. The car ended up looking fresh as a daisy. Check out the video displaying the skill of writing on the car freehand.

Hello beautiful world. Welcome to the good life.

NERD recently spent a weekend in Miami hanging out at the American Apparel headquarters. Damn what a life to live. Hit the jump and follow them around like the creepy celebrity stalkers we are.

What do you get when you mix a whole lot of Tequila with a rodeo show. A hoof in the spine! This guy worked up a bit too much bottle courage and copped a hiding from a bull. I guess that makes him a folk hero.

Don’t try this at home. If you have a bull and a rodeo ring at your home, call me up I’ll try it for you.

The battle of the best bottom is never ending. Sophie Turner, who was the winner of Australia’s Search For A Supermodel in 2001 and secured a $250,000 modeling contract with the prestigious Ford Models, started the ‘beef’ after being stopped as she entered a nightclub.

Turner, who calls herself the Saucy Aussie, was complimented on her backside and how it put Kim Kardashian’s well endowed rump to shame.

Turner replied: “Mine’s real! It’s pure Aussie goodness.”

What do you guy’s think…Is it better?

Insight team rider Jamie Thomas, a.k.a. “The Chief,” proves exactly why he earned that moniker in the latest Insight video, OVERKILL. He shreds a ghetto abandoned warehouse with legitimate ease. Brace yourself, fool.