SNOWJOB is a movie about snowboarding, nothing more, nothing less and coming out September 2011. Good friends, good trips and good times. Featuring parts from Fred Lacroix, Frank Caddy, Dillon Ojo, Nic Marcoux, Phil Tardif, Antoine Soucy, Gab Bélanger, Russell Beardsley, Oli Ricard, Hugo Morasse, Chris Collard, Anto Chamberland, Émile Veilleux and friends.

50’s Connecticut mansion has a 52 rooms, 17 acres and a helipad. On buying the home, he had the number of the house legally changed from 47 to 50.

The house features 24 bathrooms and 21 bedrooms, and is currently up for sale for $9,999,999.50. I haven’t checked my piggy bank for a while, but I’ve got a lot of coins in there, I think I might have that. Excuse me while I go get my hammer.

There have been some pretty outrageous skate parks built over the last decade as skateboarding has made the leap from hoodlum pastime to legitimized sport.

Designer Corban Walls was given the mission to create the worlds first skate pinball machine and the outcome is amazing.

Built in only 17 days for an international competition recently, this park cost almost $500,000 to create and will remain open for only 3 more weeks.

A true replica of a pinball machine down to the lights, sounds and launcher at the beginning, this park is a dream come true for anyone who has ever been a teenage skater.

After the jump, watch a video of the construction of the park.

I can’t tell you which I prefer, Candice’s blue eyes, or her brown one. Well here you can get a peek at both. Except the second one is more implied, Shock Mansion would be a completely different site if we showed you that. Hit the jump for more.

Dammit, you made the apes too smart James Franco!

Now they’re getting off on sneaking into residences and silently observing the blissful sleep of a loving couple. Similar to what I do! No wait…do police read this blog?

I do however continue to be impressed with the digital effects work done by Peter Jackson’s WETA Digital.

Starring James Franco, Andy Serkis, Tom Felton, John Lithgow, Brian Cox, and Freida Pinto, Rise of the Planet of the Apes hits theaters on August 5th.

Watch as Shock Mansion’s Team Jalapeños – Guillaume Beck, Lukas Pauli and David Bugnion spend a day jumping off cliffs in a Swiss Valley!

Welcome to Lauterbrunnen, the Swiss Valley aka, Base Jumpers Paradise. The guys were fortunate enough to get a few jumps in before the weather turned bad on them.

Heading to the top.

Count me in dude. Three…Two…One…

Searching for the homies.

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Nigel Sylvester and Ralphy Ramos kick off their tour of Miami with a quick visit to Young Money artist Tyga. The duo explore the streets of Miami, riding all over town to a bunch of different spots.

This is the first of a series, there will be more to come. Songs featured are “Get Gnarley” and “We Up” by Tyga. Enjoy.

Angelina Jolie Lara Croft is back in the new Tomb Raider reboot, where we discover the origins of Lara Croft and her ascent from a frightened young woman to a hardened survivor. The stage is set with a horrible shipwreck where our hero is forced to fight for her life. Did I mention that she is stunningly beautiful?

This is the debut trailer for the game, and has left up peeing our pants with excitement and raring for more. I didn’t realize I could fall in love with an animation, but there you have it.

You’ve got to give the driver major hoon points for the amount of air he achieved. Honestly, we were impressed that the right-front suspension and wheel were still attached since it seems to take the brunt of the forces upon landing. I guess this is what you do when the Bank is about to take your truck back.

Well here’s a treat! Amit Freidman is a young Israeli model who will now be polluting your minds with dirty thoughts for the next fortnight. Don’t worry though, I can help you. When you find your mind wondering into sketchy terrain, think about something random like light bulbs. A smooth round light bulb, much like the shape of Amit’s amazing behind. Oh geez, I can’t stop thinking about her!

Ryan Doyle defies the laws of physics with this awesome experimental video shot with a Phantom Camera in Mexico City. You have never seen parkour like this before. Thank you slow motion!

Jerry Hsu slams. A lot. This is basically 15 minutes of one man slamming himself into the concrete, most of it switch and then landing some of the most gnarly tricks ever. Hsu is a beast!

A brazen Korea Town smash and grab robbery in which nearly $1 million worth of Rolex watches was taken was caught on tape.

Two young men in hoodies burst in and grabbed as many watches as he could from a display case while the other held a gun on two workers. I guess there will be some reasonably priced Rolex watches popping up on eBay in the next few weeks. Awesome.

Recently we posted the world record video of Tanner Foust jumping his Hot Wheels car 332 feet (101 meters). Dropping 10 stories down on an orange track then flying through the air at incredible speeds, Tanner had to train hard perfect this jump and prevent tragedy.

Now we have a behind the scenes video, explaining what Tanner had to do to drive away from this jump with his life.

Meet surfing prodigy and model Erica Hosseini. Not only is she a better surfer than you, you is also hotter than your girlfriend. Life sucks doesn’t it. Forget all your problems by watching the awesome video below featuring Erica for Baby G watches.

You can follow Erica on twitter @ericahesseini and check out her official blog here.

SBTV invites Wiz Khalifa in for a unique game that challenges his weed connoisseurship.

Providing varieties of weed, Wiz Khalifa has to decipher it’s type and origin. Check it out below to find how well he does…

Dialogue and VegHead Productions just posted up the teaser for their third movie. If this doesn’t make you want to snowboard I don’t know what will. Featuring Brad Hesson, Brady Swartz, Chris Fellner, Ian Burdett, Jesse Greer, Mark Goodall, Matt Bujok, Sean Grabowski, Zach Moorcroft and friends. A Film by Trevor Harris, Andrew Wyton and David Golab.

Saints Row: The Third gives you control of the Saints at the height of their power, and you live the life to show for it.

Take a tank skydiving, call in a satellite-targeted airstrike on a Mexican wrestling gang, and defend yourself against a highly-trained military force using only a sex toy in the most outlandish game play scenarios ever seen.

I barely understood what the f**k was going on in this trailer, but I liked it! Count me in.