A Chinese boys has been discovered who has an amazing ability to see in the dark. Nong Youhui has bright blue eyes, which is unheard of in China, which prompted his father to take him to a hospital in Dahua, southern China.

The doctors were stunned to realize that the boy’s eyes seem to glow in the dark, like a cats, and when given a reading test in the dark, Nong had no trouble reading. Is he the first sign of real life X-men, or an Alien hybrid child?

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We all know these type of shows that takes half a lifetime of lead up before the show the actual explosion. Well this is a compilation of the most destructive crashes, collapses, and combustions from the Discovery Channel’s show Destroyed In Seconds, without all the hassle. Enjoy.

Here’s the scene. A few snowmobilers out enjoying a weekend trip on the side of a mountain. One rider falls. Another rider drives above him and triggers an avalanche, quickly consuming the man.

Then the rescue begins. Movie? No, real life — and it’s one of the most heart stopping videos I’ve seen this week.

Had the other individuals not known where to look it’s likely he’d have been under for a lot longer than he was. It’s also a reminder that you shouldn’t ride above a trapped rider on a hill like that…

Check out the all new 4 minute 39 second sneak peek from Metal Mulisha’s Black Friday. The Mulisha crew travelled across the globe to Australia to ride with X Games Best Trick Gold Medalist, Jackson Jacko Strong at his FMX compound.

Sit back and watch Todd Potter, Jimmy Fitzpatrick, Rob Alderberg, Jackson Strong, Wes Agee, and many others push the limits on Jacko’s home turf.

Local news reports suggest that this woman was having a diabetic response and wasn’t aware of what was happening. Scary.

Stop what you’re doing and watch the beginning of SuperJail’s pilot episode. It’s hilarious, gory and you will not be disappointed!

Die Antwoord’s new album ‘TEN$ION’ will be dropping February 7. They have also released this teaser for their new single, ‘I Fink U Freeky’. In true Die Antwoord fashion, the whole thing is so weird you have to watch it three or four times before you can comprehend anything.

Do massive tractor tires bounce? Yes, yes they do. This crew of bored dudes find a huge tire to push down a hill, then when it reaches the bottom, they celebrate. Not going to lie, I was celebrating with them.

He eats 14 tasty Twinkies and he’s as thin as a skeleton. I eat 2 Twinkies and my friends start poking me with sticks and calling me piggy. Such is life.

Harlem rap sensation A.$.A.P Rocky teamed up with VICE to create a video inspired by Scarface, Belly, Enter The Dragon, The Warriors and Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory.

The result is a video that follows A.$.A.P Rocky through a dreamy fantasy world filled with 40s, Ferrari’s, homies and hoards of cash.

“Money isn’t the most important thing in life, but it’s reasonably close to oxygen on the ‘gotta have it’ scale.” – Zig Ziglar

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Step into the surf with Contour as they take us to some of Maui’s best breaks including the world famous Jaws. Featuring TJ Barron, Kai Lenny, and Benji Weatherly.

This video features the Surfboard Mount and was shot with a Contour+ and ContourROAM.

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Nikko Hurtado is an incredible tattoo artist who specialises in colour portraits. Hurtado has been tattooing since 2002. You may recognise his work from his appearances on TV show ‘LA Ink’.

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Hold onto your hats people, this video is pretty wild. While on the road in a moving car, a new born baby pops out of a pregnant woman.

Lets see now, seatbelt violation, check, improper child restraint, check, indecent exposure in a public place, check. Just kidding, congratulations guys. I love that the dad is filming it all while driving, while his wife is having a baby in the front seat of his car. Gotta get those Youtube views, am I right homie?

This happened to me once. Only it wasn’t a baby. And it wasn’t in a car. And I was arrested…

This is the GrinderTV SEMA coverage that we’ve all been waiting for.

They took their entire team; Brian, Cody, Mike & Johnny O, to Sin City and spent each day filming the best of the best vehicles at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

This is North America’s premiere automotive car show that showcases all styles from Street Rod, Hot Rod, Mini Truck, Stanced, Drift and various bike styles, like one giant custom present wrapped into a huge hungover gift box.

www.grinder-tv.com are also releasing a DVD, which will be released this year. In the meantime, grab some tissues and hit the jump…

Heroes are hard to come by these days, so this man should definitely be commended for his life-saving decision.

A small boy fell 15 feet from an escalator, but this good samaritan saved him from snapping his neck on the solid ground below.

Unfortunately that guy is now being sued for catching that boy the wrong way. Just kidding. Wouldn’t surprise me though in this day and age. Where on earth are the parents?

The joy that the operator must get from giving people a false glimmer of hope before quickly making their assholes become infinite vacuums. This man is truly living the good life!

Watch as Boomer, The Pacers Panther, shatter the backboard at the New Palestine vs. Triton Central basketball game. If that doesn’t get the team pumped up, I don’t know what will?