If you didn’t already know, FPSRussia’s real name is Kyle Myers. He is an American internet personality known for his Youtube videos in which he plays a Russian named “Dmitri”.

As of September 17, 2011, he had clocked in more than 250 million views on his videos!

His latest video found after the jump, shows off the SA80 aka L85A2 – explosions are a given…

Addiction is a word that has been thrown around a bit when people talk about these ‘Girls With Tattoos’ posts. Well, it’s a word I’m not taking lightly, and as your dealer I feel the right thing to do is supply you with the goods. Hopefully this will stop you waking up with the sweats for another few days.

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With Drake’s ‘Take Care’ sitting at platinum status as of today what could be a better time to launch a video for The Motto.

Featuring Lil Wayne and Tyga, The Motto was directed by Lamar Taylor & Hyghly Alleyne.

The video was shot in Oakland, California and even has cameos by E-40 and F.A.B.

It’s good to see Drake doing well on the charts and it is great to have a continuous flow of music and visuals. With that being said check out the visuals for Drake’s, The Motto…

As many of you had noticed, we were offline for a little while there. The good news is we are back, and Shock Mansion will be faster and better to access from all over the globe in 2012.

We’ve spent a lot of money upgrading our infrastructure to keep up with our growth from 2011 and we thank you all for sticking with us!

We love you all.

The Shock Mansion Crew.

Luca Bordin built his very own 1:4 scale remote control Semi Trailer from scratch. The best part is that the truck is so big, he can ride on it while he controls it with a remote. The truck is completely electric, so the pillowy clouds flowing the exhaust pipes is just from a smoke machine.

These immature dudes go around making a massive mess in random stores and basically acting like a bunch of teenagers.

Oh wait, they probably are teenagers. In that case, do carry on young scallywags. Boys will be boys after all. “Clean up in every isle…”

Around Christmas time, most people including myself get lazier. Some people however, do the complete opposite and go hard out on putting up holiday decorations. Well, a new bar has been set. This one house not only hung 35,000 lights, but then timed it all to a Skrillex song.

An unmanned and most likely possessed, electric golf cart ploughed into a crowd at a football game recently, injuring the head coach and several supporters.

The incident happened during celebrations at the end of the high school championship football game after Spring Dekaney beat Cibolo Steele at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Check it out below!

You could dive into the sun if you were coated in that stuff…

Alana Blanchard (born March 5, 1990) is an American professional surfer.

At 21 years of age, Blanchard has gained fame as “the hottest surfer in the world,” according to TW SURF, and “one of the best female surfers,” according to Freaksurf Mag. Alana is a ASP World Tour surfer, based in Kauai, Hawaii.

She is associated with fellow surfer Bethany Hamilton, reportedly, she was present when Hamilton suffered the shark attack that cost her an arm and about 3 liters of blood, and Hamilton survived largely due to the rescue efforts of Blanchard, her father and brother.

She is played by actress Lorraine Nicholson in the 2011 film…

It’s that time again. Go make yourself a coffee, grab a some pretzels, take the phone off the hook and threaten to hurt your neighbor if he doesn’t stop mowing his lawn. You are going to need some peace and quiet for this.

Oni is the Japanese word for demon or ogre. When it comes to some cars out there, it’s about running the absolute craziest amount of camber possible and in the pursuit of going over the top, wheels come close to sitting horizontally – supporting the cars weight on a contact patch of no more than 2 inches a corner in some cases. The object? Make everyone snap their necks as you bounce past. I love all the different slammed car cultures!

If this is what Christmas looks like in California, maybe I’m living in the wrong place. From Kaloopy Media comes another Shay Maria special.

Shay Maria’s epic natural bosoms come out from the confides of her bikini showing some good old side-boob.

The video is after the jump, where you can watch it over and over until your internet runs out. Dooo iiiit *shakes fist*.

The final video release for Professional Freestyle BMX rider Dane Searls sees him successfully ride the biggest dirt jumps in history, clearing distances up to 60 feet (18 metres) on a BMX.

The Giants of Dirt Project began in 2010 when Dane Searls brought the idea to Unit Clothing, his sponsor. Over the next 12 months, together they built and tested the line of jumps in Boonah, (west of the Gold Coast, Queensland) on the farm of fellow Unit rider Freestyle Motocross Pro Matt Schubring.

Sheer determination saw Dane push through many painful crashes and set backs, including the devastating Queensland floods of 2010. Dane finally completed his life long goal in November 2011, by riding and pulling tricks through the entire set of jumps. Giants of Dirt 3 is the realization of Dane’s dream.

A custom built drop in ramp was constructed and the final jump in the set of four jumps measures 60 feet (18 metres) from dirt take off to dirt landing.

Two days after fulfilling his dream, Dane was involved in an accident and suffered critical head injuries, placing him in a coma for five days. Dane passed away on November 25, 2011 in hospital due to injuries sustained.

His death sent shock waves through the BMX community and he will be long remembered as an amazingly kind person and as a professional athlete who pushed the boundaries of the sport of BMX.

R.I.P “The King Of BMX Dirt” Dane Searls…

This is the world’s first truly random tattoo. Each time you scan the QR code tattoo you will see something different: Videos, pictures, phrases, weather forecast, tweets… every time something new. That is one way to make sure you will never tire of your ink.

Watching this video will make you regret most of your life and wish you had decided at 16 to pursue a career as a fighter pilot. Sorry bud, it’s too late for you now, but this video by the Naval Air Station Whidbey Island (NASWI) will gladly show you what you missed out on.

When you drive over Russia’s ice-caked roads in winter with a camera mounted on your dash it’s only a matter of time before you capture a crazy near-accident. Still, who could expect you’d snag something like this amazing Michael Bay-worthy near-miss that happened just last week!

This is probably the last decent Ferrari 458 video of the year.

He hits his fastest speed at around the 2:30 mark. I wonder if 322 kph was enough to put out the fire on the rear end that these cars supposedly get when they get to hot?