A hardtop convertible Ferrari? Yeah, you’re gonna want a blonde to cover that one. But this isn’t the California. This is the 458 Spider. Right, better make it Vicki Butler-Henderson then.

Vicki, you see, isn’t some boulevard-cruising talk-show host. Sure, she’s presented her share of reality television shows, like the UK version of The Biggest Loser, but she’s also a certified racing driver and one of the hosts on Fifth Gear.

I do understand the whole crying thing. I just about started crying when I heard the Enzo thrash down a public street for the first time. These cars have soul, there’s no denying it…

See what life’s like through Xavier De Le Rue’s eyes when he snowboards down some of the steepest back country slopes you’ve ever seen.

This bro joins his feathery friend in the clear blue skies for a fly with his para glider. Could you imagine how many women this dude would get after this video went viral? I wonder what the bird is thinking? “You could fly this whole time and only just told me now!?”

Don’t take their dark clothing or obsession with pyrotechnics and sex apparati too seriously; German hard rock warriors Rammstein love to have good, clean fun.

Case in point, the video for “Mein Land”, an unreleased cut from the career-spanning retrospective Made in Germany 1995-2011. In the swinging clip, the band enjoy ’60s beach culture at its finest with some surfing and dancing and Beach Boys-inspired performance shots.

And then, like most beach movies do, they end quite wholesomely as the band plays flaming instruments to a lesbian fight club. Awesome.

In the good old 90’s, Porsche and Ferrari went head to head with rival 600bhp-plus, 200mph supercars. Here we have the Carrera GT, with one twist of the Porsche key the mighty 5.7-litre, 68-degree V10 catches instantly, with the purest, cleanest note you’ll ever hear from a supercar.

Every bit as sensational is the throttle response, and as sharp as anything you’ll find in top-level motorsport. Watch below as some guy plays ‘Need for Speed’ in real life with the Porsche. I wonder what the cheat is to turn traffic off?

Our homie Elias Tebache from Feeding The Streets is back with a brand new ‘Shock Mansion Weekly Wrap Up’. This week he decided to put Vanessa Lake up against Luisana Lopilato to find out who is Shock Mansion’s hottie of the week!

Vanessa Lake is a redhead glamour with an amazing body and rad tattoos. Realistically, what’s not to like? You’re looking at her photo right? See what I mean? This weeks decision is going to be tricky!

And Luisana Lopilato, while she is relatively unknown here in Australia, the talented 24 year old is a growing name worldwide. She has been voted on to Spanish FHM’s 100 Sexiest list for the past three years in a row! Her nicknames include Lu or Luli…but I like to call her Momma Mia!

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Two racers were killed when their powerboat barrel rolled then flipped upside down at the Key West World Championship in Florida.

Big Thunder Marine, a 46-foot Skater with four 1200-horsepower engines, crashed during the first event of the competition.

Paramedics jumped from a helicopter moments after the accident to pull the two men from the water, before a medical boat rushed them to shore.

But the owner and throttleman of the boat, Bob Morgan of Sunrise Beach, Missouri, and driver Jeffrey Tillman of Kaiser, Missouri, were both tragically pronounced dead at the Lower Keys Medical Center…

To be fast in a World Rally Championship competition means being able to pilot a car at insane speeds over ever changing road conditions.

Tarmac gives predictable grip, as does dirt, when it’s firmly compacted, at least.

Gravel, on the other hand, isn’t predictable at all, which makes driving on it at speed all the more puckering.

Watch as Ken Block and Alex Gelsomino take the Ford Fiesta RS WRC out for a test on the incredibly fast gravel roads at Walter’s arena in Wales. All the helmet cam footage was done with the new GoPro Hero 2 camera…

This is a very special lady by the name of Dana Hamm, who is the proud owner of some of the most luscious lips and bodacious curves I’ve ever laid eyes on. You can check her out some more at her website DanaHamm.com.

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Interesting fact: When you crack open a raw egg in the deep sea, the eggs contents keep their form because of the water pressure.

Watch the egg float around in a ball like water in space until a fish comes along and spoils the fun…cheeky little devil.

Fish now know the taste of chicken! No place is safe for chickens anymore…

Not athletic? Not a problem! Johnny “Sticky” Budden’s got your back: Introducing Finger Freerunning! Because using your legs is for showoffs.

I’m not entirely sure why I had to watch this video a few times in a row. Maybe it’s the rad camera work, or maybe its the fact that I used to be a world champion Tech Decker.

This bosomy Brit pays the rent by being sexy, so naturally you know Gemma Massey belongs on the pages of Shock Mansion. Enjoy one of the finest rumps the English have to offer…

I love me some Mario Kart, along with a vast majority of the world, so it is only right that you watch this video. This poor bastard on the scooter is trying to go for a ‘question box’ when….

This is what happens when a 230-ton Airbus A330 has the right angle of attack, the right low speed and the right amount of head wind: it gets suspended in the middle of the sky for a few seconds!

The biggest night in masturbation beauty is the annual Victoria’s Secret Show, displaying the most attractive women in the world wearing costumes that look like they should be in the ‘Batman & Robin’ movie.

Featuring in the show are all your favourite girls, such as Candice Swanepoel, Adriana Lima, Miranda Kerr, Alessandra Ambrosio, Lindsay Ellingson and Chanel Iman to name a few.

Some of you ladies might enjoy this post too, coming from a fashion point of view. But I think it’s pretty obvious that I and all other males are interested in what they aren’t wearing, rather than what they are.

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I’m going to try and explain what I think happened in the video after the jump. Basically the fat dude in the striped shirt was giving his girl the wrong information as to what sort of confinement facility he was in. He thought he was in county jail.

The tall, lanky dude was just trying to help him out by letting him know he was in a city jail. And I quote, “This ain’t no county jail, this a city jail bruh”.

That’s when the fat dude in the striped shirt comes and yells at him and proceeds to start swinging like a mad man. Big mistake.

The tall, lanky dude shrugs off his punches, gathers his composure and hits the fat dude in the striped shirt really hard, several times, knocking him out just before he is tasered!

The moral of the story? Never judge a sleeping book by its cover…

Jenna Marbles of YouTube fame has done a public service by filling the clueless men of the world in regarding what happens inside a women’s head during sex.

Turns out, it’s pretty much the same as what they say out loud, mainly complaining… Just joking ladies, you know I love you… *wink wink*

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Check out these tattoos by Eric Marcinizyn from Delaware, USA.

Eric’s specialty is grey shade tattooing, in particular, portraits. Check out his website here.

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