Call me crazy, but…”You’re f**king crazy, bro!”… Okay I didn’t mean that literally but I appreciate your enthusiasm. Speaking of crazy, the other day I found out how much cash I’ve been wasting on so called safe sex. Condoms are a rip off man, all you need to do is learn how to rubber band the end of your pecker properly. I will send a detailed description and images to anyone who inquires.

Jay regurgitated his breakfast, four times, 2,000 feet in the air, at 20 mph, just missing the instructor’s face. Awesome.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Warning: Do not watch this if you’ve eaten recently or have a weak stomach.

The sickening video is after the jump!

A 23 year old man from the Gold Coast, Australia, found himself in an intense police chase after stealing a yellow Porsche.

The man reached speeds of 150 kmh in a 60 kmh zone which forced police to temporarily abandon the pursuit. The news team that caught this footage stayed with the driver as he crashed the Porsche and was forced to flee on foot before finding a second vehicle, unbelievably with the keys inside it.

Then man was eventually caught by the police after he destroyed the second vehicle. View all to see this incredible footage.

I would murder all my friends for a chance to shack up with Jayde Nicole. Not that I have any friends left since I started breast feeding stray cats. Friends are overrated anyway. Like this one time I told my friend that I needed to fart, but didn’t want to risk it being a shart. He told me to just try and let it out slowly. Thanks for the advice Randy. Worse pants-less plane ride ever.

This clip gives a whole new meaning to the word ‘Banger’. This young lad was skating a big circle with a risky head obstacle when he popped a little to high and his skull met the bar. Ouch.

The dude is okay, but the fall is spectacular. Hit the jump to see it.

The self proclaimed King of ink, Wiz Khalifa has landed the cover of Urban Ink magazine. Wiz takes us behind the scenes of his shoot featuring a few tatted ladies in lingerie. Sounds more like a strip club than a photo shoot.

View all to see the video yo!

What makes a great driver’s car? It’s not brute performance or gut-wrenching grip. A great driver’s car is about balance and finesse, about the quality of the interaction between man and machine.

A great driver’s car has the chassis and power and brakes and steering that enable the enthusiast driver to confidently explore the limits of its performance envelope on the track, yet remains engaging and entertaining when driven on the road.

A great driver’s car doesn’t dare you to tame it; instead, it helps you maximize your potential. With an empty airstrip and eleven of the best drivers cars in the world, the world’s greatest drag race is about to go down. Who are you putting your money on?

Watch the race after the jump!

The Yawn video is finally done and will be available soon. And after watching this trailer, we are pretty excited to see it.

The full-length video will premiere at NORA Cup next week just after the awards are given out.

Richard Krumm has quietly been working on the film for quite some time now, and it features some awesome riding and full parts from guys like Pat Casey, Iz, Dave Escobar, Davey Alvarez, Andrew Castaneda, and Joe Molina.

Check it out after the jump!

Australian big wave surfer and adventure athlete Mark Visser (known for recently riding JAWS 40ft break at night, and taking on the biggest swell to hit Tasmania) continues to break the boundaries of Big Wave surfing by jumping from a plane into massive storm swells in the middle of the open ocean to surf what has never been accomplished.

With the help of satellite technology and a group of scientists, Visser is in search for the next big thing that of which all big wave surfers dream about – the 100ft wave.

Almost seven months after his first undertaking with “Night Rider” which saw him take on 40ft swell at the infamous JAWS break, 28-year-old Australian athlete Mark Visser has been training with Navy Seals and a variety of specialized experts to complete his next “Nine Lives” project titled, “Operation Deep Blue”.

“This project was really terrifying. Being out in the middle of the ocean without seeing a speck of land is a very humbling experience and you definitely feel very, very alone out there,” explained Visser.

Hit the jump to watch this insane trailer!

Every year in the last weekend of August sees drag race enthusiasts gather in Stockholm for a the Stockholm Open, a series of illegal street races that brings together some of the fastest cars to race a quarter mile on the public highways.

This event has been happening since the late 1970’s, and was won this year by a Camaro driven by someone called Robban.

As the races are highly secretive, swarms of people will follow race cars they see or sit on the side of the highway for hours hoping they get lucky. Watch the epic footage after the jump.

At only seventeen years of age, Chaz Ortiz has concurred heights in his career that takes decades for other. Living a lifestyle of traveling the world and competing against the worlds best, it might be hard to imagine Chaz going to school like any other ordinary kid.

Part of Gatorade’s ‘Go All Day’ campaign, this short film depicts a day in the life of Chaz Ortiz at school. After a long day Chaz sneaks out of class early to do what he loves most.

Dodging security and teachers, Chaz takes to the hallways of his school for a last minute skate session. This video is brilliantly made. Hit the jump to watch it along with a behind the scenes video of Chaz seeing that huge rail for the first time!

Showcasing amazing tattoos and the people behind them. Enjoy.

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This edit was filmed in only 2 days in Toulouse (France) and 2 days in Rotterdam (NL). Just after the Rotterdam sessions my camera bag was stolen so Bruno and I came back to Rotterdam to film all the tricks again. Big up’s to Bruno and a big thanks to Vans for supporting me in the hardest time of my life. – MAYOL

Shout out to Zac Crookes for forwarding us this banging edit. Check out the rad footage after the jump!

Jessica-Jane Clement has got me frustrated. I’m into her, but just take a bit more off dagnamit! Look, my underwear is off, get into the spirit! I love not wearing anything, it’s the best way to play Wii. Oh, no I don’t own a Wii, I just use my neighbors. That’s why the local police know me by name.

It has taken almost 3 years to create this epic new wakeboard film ‘Defy, The Danny Harf Project’. This is the new trailer for the film, which will blow your socks off!

Danny is a 4-time X-games gold medalist and winner of countless reader and rider polls in Wakeboarding.

Filmed from across the globe and featuring the most groundbreaking stunts using kicker step-ups, helicopters and more. Hit the jump to see the trailer!

This epic ‘Capture The Can’ paintball fight looks like something straight out of a first person shooter, but it’s all live-action.

The whole thing was shot in slow motion using a high speed Phantom camera, and it’s a music video for ‘Spitfire’ by electronic artist Porter Robinson.

The music is not the important part, though. The important part is paint balls exploding on the battlefield at an insanely high frame rate. Watching in high-definition is strongly recommended.

Showcasing amazing tattoos and the people behind them. Enjoy.

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Last week, WRC champion Marcus Grönholm took to the British Rallycross Championships for the first time.

When David Binks presses him for a lead pass, Grönholm takes his Fiesta on two wheels, Dukes of Hazard-style.

Awesome awareness to change gear during such a massive moment on 2 wheels, total skill. Hats off to the man. Watch the video after the jump!