“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas Edison

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The simple use of a camera phone can provide transparency, accountability, and an accurate account of incidents that occur when citizens interact with police. Often heated arguments will surround a video on the internet of an officer using what could be claimed as excessive force when arresting a citizen.

There are many arguments defending both positions and each account is different. This video is not a representation of all police officers, but a compilation of the most extreme occurrences caught on camera.

Tell us what you think. Have these officers taken it too far? Cheers to Wrathchild Matt and Jason Katsambiris for finding this video. Video after the jump…

Synthol, which was developed in the early 1990s by the German bodybuilder Christopher T. Clark as a replacement for Esiclene which went out of production at the time.

It is a liquid substance, a mixture of oils, used by some bodybuilders to increase the apparent size of some muscles.

The effects of Synthol are purely and solely cosmetic and there is no increase in muscular performance. Synthol works by filling the muscle up with an oil substance.

It is site-injected, that is, it is injected directly into the muscle whose size is to be increased.

Synthol is usually used to ‘top up’ a muscle that is not quite up to standard with the rest of the body. Hit the jump to watch some mind blowing videos…

Damn, Kate wears a bikini well. It’s a shame she doesn’t turn around and show us her rear melons in this set, but you can’t win them all. Enjoy.

This could very well be the gnarliest go-kart I’ve ever seen. It’s got a fully built chassis, gigantic rear wheels and a big old straight six engine up the front. Now skip to the 1 minute 20 second mark and tell me this doesn’t look like a tonne of fun!

The panting, I hear nothing but panting, please make it stop! This is the sound of 42 Saint Bernards during their walk on Lasqueti Island, Canada. Now take me to the hospital, I finished the video and can still hear panting.

A man lit a firecracker and tried to throw it down a manhole to entertain his kids in Xiangtan, China. What he didn’t realise was that the manhole cover was blocking flammable gas. This my friends, is how you send a manhole cover into space.

The internationally acclaimed comedic-daredevil, Bello Nock, soared high above beautiful Sarasota, Florida, hanging from a trapeze that is suspended beneath a helicopter hovering 500 feet above the ground.

The helicopter flew over the Circus Sarasota big top tent which is located at 1500 Stringfield Ave on the corner of Tuttle Ave & 12th Street, across from Ed Smith Stadium.

My immediate thoughts were:
– What a f**ken nutcase!
– Damn my palms are sweaty.
– Respect homie.
– I wonder what kind of hair gel he uses?

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I can only imagine what that moment must have felt like. Although it would’ve only been a split second, to driver Yusif Bassil it must have felt like an eternity.

Unbelievable footage of Bassil living out a driver’s nightmare. High G collision, door won’t open and the car catches fire.

Not for the faint hearted…

If you love sports and nothing else, then this post is not for you. Sports clothing isn’t something that strikes me as sexy, unless you take a look at the finest female volleyball players from around the world, then things become amazing.

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You may remember this thing as the World Record holding fastest mobility scooter ever!

Well now you get to watch it being thrashed around on the snow! Whoever put these two things together is a f**ken genius.

Apparently he reached around 51mph on the slippery stuff and found it easier to ride as the steering wasn’t so responsive. Don’t worry though kids, his suit and tie kept him safe…

A 50 meter backstroke race was won by a guy who swam the entire length of the pool under water, although doing so got him disqualified. Technically, he won the race in a little over 23 seconds. But since he never came to the surface and backstroked like he was supposed to, the second place finisher won the heat. Regardless, He’s still a winner in my book.

A lot of people think the rocket footage in this video is fake because they cant see it properly. The thing moves at over 800 feet per second.

Even going frame by frame all you can see is a dull trace like line. It’s very real people.

The rocket launching ‘LAW’ that he owns is a 37mm and is actually not even regulated, his cost around $500, it’s getting your hands on the rockets which is the hard part…

When it comes to hooligan fun, a wheelie is up there with the best of them. Check out this guy pop it up and overtake a truck. Nice combo bro.

This is apparently the Chechen Police testing the durability of a bulletproof vest, using a real person as the target. What on earth could go wrong?

A man takes his 2012 Ski Doo Summit to the top of a mountain near Blackfoot, Idaho along the Wyoming/Idaho border.

Once reaching the top a large chunk of snow breaks underneath him and almost takes everything with it including the rider.

The rider carefully gets off and pulls the snowmobile to safety…

“Everybody pities the weak; jealousy you have to earn.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Albino animals are very rare in nature, and man has long had a fascination for these creatures since ancient times.

Some cultures regard albinos as sacred animals, and they have even been the basis of great legends and folklore.

Due to their uniqueness and rarity, albino animals are some of the most valuable attractions in zoological centers and circuses throughout the world.

Today we present 30 of nature’s rarest albino, leucistic, and white creatures to you.

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