This is the GrinderTV SEMA coverage that we’ve all been waiting for.

They took their entire team; Brian, Cody, Mike & Johnny O, to Sin City and spent each day filming the best of the best vehicles at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

This is North America’s premiere automotive car show that showcases all styles from Street Rod, Hot Rod, Mini Truck, Stanced, Drift and various bike styles, like one giant custom present wrapped into a huge hungover gift box. are also releasing a DVD, which will be released this year. In the meantime, grab some tissues and hit the jump…

Heroes are hard to come by these days, so this man should definitely be commended for his life-saving decision.

A small boy fell 15 feet from an escalator, but this good samaritan saved him from snapping his neck on the solid ground below.

Unfortunately that guy is now being sued for catching that boy the wrong way. Just kidding. Wouldn’t surprise me though in this day and age. Where on earth are the parents?

The joy that the operator must get from giving people a false glimmer of hope before quickly making their assholes become infinite vacuums. This man is truly living the good life!

Watch as Boomer, The Pacers Panther, shatter the backboard at the New Palestine vs. Triton Central basketball game. If that doesn’t get the team pumped up, I don’t know what will?

The Emmy award-winning team at Brainstorm Digital has put together these before and after shots from season 2 of HBO’s hit series “Boardwalk Empire”,showing how much work goes into making such real looking visual effects. Until today I thought they must have just been using time machines.

Check out the video below…

YouTube user CreativityZone has taken the time to cleverly recreate the new GTA V trailer using GTA San Andreas, and stuck both videos side-by-side.

The improvements are huge, but if nothing else it’s funny to take a look back at the pinnacle of open-world console gaming seven years ago in comparison to what’s possible today.

Tat·too: To mark a part of the body with an indelible design by inserting pigment into punctures in the skin.

Ad·dict·ed: Enthusiastically devoted to a particular thing or activity.

Calling all tattooed humans. ‘Like’ this post and share the love with your homies. Plenty more after the jump…

Dante Autullo was sure he’d merely cut himself with a nail gun while building a shed, and thought doctors were joking when they told him what an X-ray revealed: A 3 ¼-inch nail was lodged in the middle of his brain.

“When they brought in the picture, I said to the doctor ‘Is this a joke? Did you get that out of the doctors joke file?’” the 32-year-old recalled. “The doctor said ‘No man, that’s in your head.’”

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“Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything.” – Napoleon Hill

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Bruce Lee is universally recognized as the pioneer who elevated martial arts in film to an art form, and this documentary will reveal why Bruce Lee’s flame burns brighter now than the day he died over three decades ago.

Famous stars such as international boxing sensation Manny Pacquiao, Lakers star Kobe Bryant, UFC’s Dana White and current Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones share their feelings about the one who started it all. This documentary also features rarely seen archival footage and classic photos.

‘I am Bruce Lee’ hit selected cinemas in February. Watch the teaser after the jump…

2012 means hotter, sexier and cuter girls on Shock Mansion! Today we bring you Francesca Frigo. Our jaws dropped when we first saw her photos so we decided to bring her to you!

One thing you need to do is follow her on Twitter, she posts way too many photos and they couldn’t be any sexier. Some of the photos in this gallery are from her twitter account.

And if you think she looks vaguely familiar that’s because she was Playboy Playmate August 2010! Enjoy…

Many might already know Lizardman, but for those who don’t, he is the true example of a living freak show.

Many of his modifications include sharpened teeth, green scale tattoos that cover his body, a split tongue, lips that are green and subdermal implants…

Last year we got a small taste of the party movie Project X, which thanks to the influence of producer Todd Phillips looks like Jackass, The Hangover, Superbad, and the worst nightmares of every parent rolled into one 90-minute extravaganza.

The full theatrical trailer has dropped, and it features a giant ‘X’ worth of promo screening reactions, and many more examples of reality-defying party insanity. I need this in my life…

The Holy City saw a wild gun fight in its complex alleyways, where two men continuously shot at each other until they had no bullets left. The video shows as one man is chasing the other down, and bystanders hug the walls hoping not to be hit by a stray bullet. Crazy stuff..

Check out a little behind the scenes action of Bow Wow doing his thing at Club Chateau in Las Vegas and then a little smoking session with Wiz Khalifa in the studio working on some magic.

Bow Wow’s Underrated album will feature guest appearances from Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes, Wiz Khalifa, Jadakiss, Meek Mill, Chris Brown, Talib Kweli & Musiq Soulchild is scheduled to be released this Spring 2012.

Chechnya is located in the southeastern part of Europe in Russia. I can’t really explain what is happening here, but this real life GTA video is a whole lot more fun seen from the safety of a computer screen.

“Nothing great will ever be achieved without great mean, and men are great only if they are determined to be so.” – Charles De Gaulle

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A crew of South Florida roofers were redoing a client’s roof when they were surprised by bats bursting out of from under the tiles. They quickly realised it wasn’t just a few rogue bats, but an massive bat infestation.

Hundreds of tiny bats began flying out from underneath the tiles as each tile was pulled up. I’m guessing these guys will think twice before doing any more renovations for the Adams family.

Watch the crazy video after the jump…