A member of Jamie McMurray’s crew jumps over the hood of Kevin Harvick’s car while Harvick is leaving his pit stall.

This is the first official teaser for the 2010 Isenseven Video Project (official name is yet to be announced).

Looks so awesome!

Hummers are so darn big, usually there would be no need to test the depth of of a little river when its time to shoot across it. From now on these dudes will start checking. The first dude breaks the ice, literally, and gets stuck immediately. So would does the next dude do? A) Pull his mate out.  B) Find somewhere different to cross. C) Cross at the same spot but go faster. For the answer, watch the video below.

Marissa Miller and other various and sundry models get topless for this months British UK. Note the models measurements on each picture as well haha, classic :) Hit the jump for more.

After an officer in North Texas attempted to make a traffic stop, police were lead on a wild chase which included speeding through parking lots and a massive rear end crash. The man attempting to evade arrest made a final attempt to keep his freedom by bailing from his vehicle while it was still moving. Watch the video to catch all the action.

In an effort to make a point, a professor freezes a student’s laptop with liquid nitrogen then smashes it.

Brixton brings us a tidy collection of cut and sew items in varies styles, along with their famed flawless shaped hats. The collection features button shirts, as well as baseball inspired t-shirts. Also featuring in the line are some quality key chains.  Hit up Brixton.com to purchase these goods. Detailed photos after the jump.

The Unit BMX team recently headed to the King Of Dirt. A good line up of riders were on hand to throw down some good riding.

Riders include Ryan Guettler, Dave Dilleward, Colin Mackay, Dane Searls, Richo, Cam Pianta, Nick Cooper, David Girsch and many more.

The Baker/Deathwish dudes get their shred on at the Baker Boys Distribution Warehouse.

A 12 year old student from Florida was arrested for farting during class and disturbing his classmates by shutting off their computers at Stuar’s Spectrum Jr./Sr. High School. The police called this a “deliberately passed gas to disrupt the class” and “disruption of a school function” County Sheriff’s Office report, a copy of which you’ll find after the jump, notes that the 4′ 11″ offender admitted that he “continually disrupted his classroom environment by farting and shutting off several computers.”

This dude just so happened to be wearing helmet cam during an avalanche! By far the luckiest day of his life. It took place in the Tatry Mountains in Slovakia. For a couple of seconds he was buried under the snow, but he manages to dodge fate! Buy a lotto ticket this instant mate!

Recently, the public got a taste of whats to come from the partnership of Sanctioned and MetroPCS. The communications provider allowed three titans of street art to leave their mark on retail stores in the Harlem and the Bronx. West Coast legend Mister Cartoon hooked up with two East Coast heavyweights, Cope2 and Sen2, to deliver a powerful message. Fully bombing the windows, the artists left their calling card for the morning commuters to marvel at. Take a look while you can: 115th & Lexington in Harlem; E. Fordham and E. Kingsbridge Road in the Bronx;3rd and E.151 in the Bronx.

Raaaaaaaandy, a.k.a. Aziz Ansari’s character from the Adam Sandler movie ‘Funny People’, a.k.a. the only comedian with a DJ, has dropped a bombshell on the world with the news that he will be releasing Mixtape soon, or whenever he feels like it. Awesome!

Ants have incredibly sticky feet. With them they can hang onto ceilings, while carrying 100 times their body weight. But if they are stuck down so successfully, how do they ever get them unstuck?

18 to 29 year olds (aka “Millennials” or “Generation Y”) lead the nation in getting tattoos.

According to a survey by the Pew Research Center, 38 percent of “Millennials” have at least one tattoo. While that isn’t a huge increase over the 32 percent of 30 to 46 year olds who have body art, only about 10 percent of those over 46 have a tattoo, what differentiates the younger generation is how many tattoos they get.

50 percent of all inked Millennials have more than one tattoo, and 18 percent have more than five. Among 30 to 46 year olds with a tattoo, half only sport one; only 9 percent have more than five.

Given that Millennials still have many more years of questionable decisions in front of them, for some 18 to 29 year olds, it could be a case of their amount of bare skin being the limit!

Pictured: Antwuan Dixon


According to a new report a single and obviously incredibly rich buyer in the Middle East has shelled out for not one but ten Aston-Martin One-77 supercars which cost $1.7 million apiece!

The unnamed buyer – we’re guessing oil sheik – apparently paid a premium to get the cars sent to his desert demesne, bringing the total cost of the cars to $23 million. He is reportedly planning to give one to each member of his immediate family. Sounds like a pretty popular guy. Aston Martin unveiled the car last year and announced that only 77 examples would be made. With a low weight carbon fiber monocoque, the sexy beast’s 7.3-liter V12 engine with 750 hp helps it hit a top speed of 220 mph.

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These guys are rad. They woke up one day and decided to play 2 sports at once :) Check it out!

Web series, ‘In The Cutts’, hits up The Hundreds headquarters to check out how things go down at their office. with Episode 10. This video introduces some of the people behind the brand, plus shows how the people get down when its time for less work and more play. How does a gaming room sound?