An accomplished big-wave surfer, Sion died at the Maverick’s surf break off of Princeton-by-the-Sea while surfing waves up to 60 feet.

Sion apparently drowned after enduring a two-wave hold down, according to Maverick’s surfer Ken Collins, with whom Milosky was staying in Santa Cruz. Check out this epic video of Sion Milosky doing what he loved at Pipeline.

Ooooh mumma. I’m giving you all virtual high fives right now. Don’t leave me hanging, also don’t throw your five and accidentally slap your granny in the face. If she is anything like mine she won’t be please and will probably serve you a smaller portion of meatloaf tonight. Grandma, I said I was sorry ok!?

So this must be that new fighting league I’ve been hearing about where they make identical twins fight. I can only assume that identical twin fights end like this all the time. Incredibly, both fighters caught each other right on the button to end the fight with a simultaneous knockout.

So the question is, who won? Well that outcome is obvious, the crowd!

This dude must seriously love his ice cream sundaes.

He ordered a massive ice cream sundae with every single topping the store had to offer.

And called it the ‘Every Topping Under The Sun-dae’.

He then proceeded to eat that heavenly bitch and got a sugar high that would make Stay Puft Marshmallow Man’s blood stream taste sour.

Somebody call the ambulance. I’m not sure he made it out alive.

Lamborghini has released another promotional video of the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4. This video showcases various sounds and driving shots of the gorgeous supercar against the ancient backdrop of Rome. Touring around the Colosseum and Vatican city, it almost looks mystical as the Aventadors howl their way through the historical city.

The first incarnation of “Belt Sander Skates” way back in 2001 did not end in tears, laughs or anything more significant than a resigned shoulder shrug of failure from its test-rider Johnny Knoxville.

That was because he stuck to a horizontal plane and not a surefire transitional pitfall like the one Brandon Novak fell head over heels for in his own belt sander skates.

James Stewart’s personal motocross compound has been meticulously recreated and will be offered as a FREE digital download to consumers who buy a new copy of MX vs ATV Alive at launch.

Following its release, THQ will initiate an unprecedented digital distribution plan by delivering consistent down-loadable content, including branded vehicles, helmets, goggles, graphic kits, new tracks and an incredibly authentic Supercross mode. “Being featured on the MX vs. ATV Alive box and in the game is awesome, but helping THQ design my motocross compound and giving the fans a chance to ride where I ride is a dream come true,” said James Stewart.

“My thanks go out to Red Bull and THQ for coordinating this one-of-a-kind opportunity and for making an unbelievably accurate recreation of my training facility.”

Hit the jump to watch more game play of Bubba’s compound.

Come one, come all to see today’s cleavage and butt cheeks show. Today’s special guest is Carla Ossa. No hecklers please, as you should remember you are not at the medieval fair, and you cannot win the love of a lass by stabbing a wild boar to death and spitting in a peasants face. Not anymore anyway.

The pilot of the Tupolev Tu-154, which apparently lost control after take-off and became an internet sensation, managed to land the aircraft through an unshakable presence of mind, amazing skills and a great deal of intuition.

The plane made headlines in late April, when a video of the huge passenger jet widely rolling and tilting in mid-air was published online by a plane-spotter. The aircraft, owned by the Ministry of Defense, had spent more than ten years on the ground. The crew, headed by military pilot Lieutenant Colonel Yury Rodionov, was to transport it to Samara, central Russia for an overhaul.

However, just after take-off the aircraft went out of control. Preliminary investigation points to a general failure of the automated control system.

Rodionov had to use manual override, but the backup equipment turned out to be in bad condition, and the plane could barely be controlled. The crew requested an emergency landing, saying that “any delay is death,” according to communication transcripts cited by Lifenews website.

“It’s like controlling a computer with a broken mouse. The plane was almost impossible to control in the air. It takes an ace pilot of the highest class to correct the roll and land using the engines’ thrust only. Yury chose the right moment when the wings were level and went for the runway in a breath,” Aleksandr Rabotin, a navigating officer who serves with Rodionov, told Izvestia newspaper.

Emerica presents the Andrew Reynolds Emerica Stay Gold B-Side.

More hammers than a hardware store, this section is so gnarly I had to watch it twice in a row just to make sure what I was watching was real.

As herds of elk and bison are gradually weakened by the cold, one animal gets stronger…the wolf.

Chased down by the pack, Yellowstone’s herds have little resistance as the wolves move in for the kill.

Before you continue scrolling onto the next post…who wants to a titanium toothed police dog? Hit the jump.

This guy tries to climb a steep mountain with his snowmobile. He was so close to finishing as well! His life I mean, not the hill climb. Man are they gonna be pissed at the snowmobile rental shop! Shout out to Jules for the find. This video is epic.

Have a geez at this fresh faced babe coming straight outta Hungary. Barbara Palvin is a young up and coming model, and I can guarantee you, I will be Google stalking her a lot from this day onwards. Ay, caramba! Barbara is a mega babe.

The standard frames per second you would see on TV each day is around 24. So when we are talking about a high speed camera recording fast moving objects at 1000 frames per second, it makes sense why you get to see a lot more. For example in the video below, you will see Travis Pastrana riding his motorbike, very very slowly. Enjoy.

Check out the new music video titled ‘Hanging On By a Thread’ performed by Madchild of Swollen Members.

The song is from his upcoming solo album ‘Dope Sick’ on Suburban Noize Records.

Attraction is a personal preference. Some of us are drawn to red hair, some to big noses, while others can’t get enough of a gap-toothed smile. Then are the more unusual attractions. Some people are attracted to robots. They don’t just like robots, they love robots. They want to make love to robots.

I mean, women are great and everything, except for the fact that they have their own opinions and desires. Luckily, American inventor Doug Hines has found a way around that with Roxxxy, the world’s first sex robot! It’s gets no creepier than the last dude in this video. Hilarious!

Like the idea of seeing Zoe Saldana shooting guns and just generally being hot? Check out the trailer below for ‘Colombiana’. The film centers on Cataleya Restrepo who at age 10 sees the brutal murder of her parents by a Colombian drug lord Don Luis.

Cataleya is determined to become a professional killer, and at 25 she plans to avenge the death of her parents. This movie is written by Luc Besson, the writer behind such action favorites as The Professional and The Transporter. Peep it.

See those eyes? Yep, you know what she wants, and I want it too. A grilled cheese sandwich with a glass of milk. Preferably milk from Madalina Diana Ghenea’s personal stash. You know what I’m sayin?