I wonder how many people go to the hospital each day because they were trying to get famous on the internet?

Watch as JDAM bombs are dropped on Taliban ammunition and IEDs. The area was cleared of all persons before drop. This footage is documentation of the war in Afghanistan and should be used for educational purposes.

APOEL Nicosia player Paulo Jorge hit his face in a tackle so hard that he lost two teeth. One flew out of his mouth on impact and he pulled the other one himself. He kept playing afterwards. Boss!

Showcasing all the amazing things that people do from all four corners of the globe, this compilation video cannot be missed!

From the depths of the ocean to outer space, people are finding cool things to do and filming themselves do it.

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A new sheriff is in town when it comes to ghost riding videos on the internet. In North Carolina, USA, this guy ghost rides his boat, while wake surfing behind it without a rope!

To take it one step further, he cracks a beer while he’s surfing. With that ridiculous stunt, he gets a perfect 10 from us. Anyone else uploading videos on the internet today should be embarrassed.

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Tat·too: To mark a part of the body with an indelible design by inserting pigment into punctures in the skin.

Ad·dict·ed: Enthusiastically devoted to a particular thing or activity.

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Jeremy Hanke still remembers watching that seemingly endless wall of white sweeping over him as he tried in vain to out-race with his snowmobile the roaring avalanche.

He hurtled over his handle bars, felt the weight of his sled strike him and ended up buried in two metres of packed snow. “It definitely hit like a freight train,” Hanke said.

He was one of the lucky ones — he escaped with his life. This may well be the most intense video you will watch today.

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‘Savages’ is an action-crime movie coming out this year. Think ‘Fast and Furious’ and replace the cars with marijuana.

The film is about two men who take on the Mexican Cartel to get their kidnapped girlfriend back. To make an already enticing movie even better, the cast includes John Travolta, Salma Hayek, Benicio Del Toro, and Blake Lively.

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If your too impatient to watch 10 minutes of illegal and death defying antics, you can skip to 3:37 to see a close call, 6:51 for an epic wheelie and 8:45 to see the police car.

Please note there are probably many other crazy moments I missed, so skip at your own risk. If I had that kart I would definitely grab some bananas to throw out behind me…

This is Bart Simpson’s idea of a good time, and I tend to agree. Check out this slingshot destroy stuff in super slow motion. Rebellion has never seen so spectacular.

Bhavik Gandhi successfully rowed across the Atlantic Ocean without sail or motor from Spain to Antigua. After three failed attempts Bhavik’s fourth attempt was a success, his world record took 106 days 9 hours and crossed 6393 kms or 3456 nautical miles. Along the way he suffered a broken rudder, a hole in his boat, capsizing, and losing all his food. Despite all his setbacks Bhavik calls the adventure ‘a privileged experience’ seeing complete full rainbows and many sea creatures.

At night time when all the animals are in the forest and no one can see them, they get to partying. This explains why hunter’s radios always go missing.

Electro house artist/producer Steve Aoki drops the official music video for his latest single “Cudi The Kid,” featuring Kid Cudi and Travis Barker, off his recently released solo debut, Wonderland.

The visual is amazing, featuring young versions of each artist walking around town, taking a bus ride with the devil, to Cudi riding a BMX bike; while psychedelic visuals are spread throughout.

Aoki rocks an Indian headdress, while Barker plays his drum kit sitting atop a bed of clouds while a clown is fiercely covering his ears.

Wonderland is in stores now…

Cheese makes everything better! “Not a peanut butter sandwich.” Have you tried that? “No”. Exactly! If you want to make any meal 10x more delicious, lace it with some melted cheese and you’ll groan with pleasure. Or was it a heart attack? I can never remember.

Go get a bib, you are about to drool everywhere…

Chay Grandy made a mistake and almost broke the mountain in half with his face in Wharncliffe woods. He was ok after he spent the afternoon in hospital.

True friends carry on filming right? How else do these epic video make it to our screens. Get well soon mate…

“The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work.” -Emile Zola

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Holes in one are mysterious, magical, practically impossible. Holes in one that require the ball to skim off the surface of a lake and onto the green first? Well, they’re even more mysterious, magical and practically impossible.

So it’s with a loud fanfare that we announce the occurrence of just that – a water-skimming hole in one from 28-year-old German one-time world no. 1 Martin Kaymer, who pulled off the trick of tricks at a practice round ahead of the US Masters at Augusta National.

This sh*t, my good people, is cray…

Before the Internet, so many stupid things people did went un-laughed at. Not anymore chaps!