Stefan Johnsson is a tattooer at Lovedog Tattoos in Santa Cruz, Ca. Check out his blog here.

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The internet is a magical place overflowing with porn and information on World War II. However, in between all that is filled with random and silly photos. The type of photos that make you pull this face :O and say “Yo, wtf?”.

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Mathieu Young is a photographer from Los Angeles, that mixes photojournalism and advertising as his main work.

Today we’re featuring a series called ‘Harvest’ that Mathieu Young shot while living for 4 days with the people harvesting Marijuana in North Carolina.

The resulting photos provide a fascinating glimpse at how marijuana is grown, cut, and packaged, before it ever reaches the hands of dealers or dispensaries, while the bandannas that obscure workers’ faces from the camera remind us of how risky and illegal their occupation remains.

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I keep a list of ways I don’t want to die. On that list are things like getting eaten alive by ants and drowning in a toilet. I just added this to my list.

In an abandoned gold mine somewhere in the Czech Republic, a group of Polish dream jumpers find joy from jumping 255ft into a giant pit off doom, for a 4 second high.

Dream jumping is like bungee jumping, except replace the nice elastic rope with the regular stuff. So in simple terms, it’s for crazy people.

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Ken Block had a busy summer. The exhibition driver spent the season frolicking around the globe with a few friends and putting on Gymkhana shows as part of a world tour.

The event showed up in just three cities; Los Angeles, Vienna and Melbourne, and gave a handful of lucky Block fans a show worth remembering. For anyone that missed out, Block has crafted a video for those who couldn’t make it out to breathe the tire smoke.

The result is three shows crammed into less than six minutes of footage…

Some of the Baker Deathwish players break in the make shift park they reconstructed over at Baker Boys Distribution. Check it out below…

Game shows in Japan are a little confusing. This one features practically naked old dudes, a women who keeps getting her britches pulled down and thousands of liters of lube. After all that, the only question I have is, where do i sign up?

This dude isn’t carrying a stick. That’s actually a leg bone from a genetically-cloned dinosaur that made the mistake of looking at him funny.

I have a feeling that’s not the first time he’s seen his mother lose her sh*t. Poor kid is sitting there silently learning how to interact with other human beings. Some of the worst parenting I have ever seen. Who thinks this woman is drugged out of her mind?

Excuse me while I pick my jaw up from the floor. Rhianna seems like the kind of girl to always choose her fashion very carefully, so was this see through dress deliberate, or was it just an innocent mistake making us bad people for staring?

I’m gonna claim it was deliberate for the good of my own conscience. More after the jump…

Japanese candy is fun yes? The soft rubber like properties make body happy. Everything, you taste like yummy grape.

Much more delicious than fruit. Amazing sweet treat, prepare yourself ok, made ​​from sugar, sorcery and the tears of unicorn.

I have one word for you all…Gimmi!

Only tattooing since 2008, Sam Clark already possesses a portfolio of work to be envied. His use of vibrant colour in his portrait tattoos are epic to say the least.

See more from Sam at his Website and Facebook.

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As a bonus video from the Palladium video series, Tokyo is Rising, Pharrell Williams linked with fellow artist VERBAL to take a tour around the illustrious Nakano Broadway.

The two icons checked out some of the local novelty items, which you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Watch and listen as they speak about the Nakano presence, as well as their own respective fields of interest.

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Tattooed girls, what more is there to say? They come in all shapes and sizes, colours and styles, but one thing they have in common is that we love them.

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After a highly publicised divorce from whoever the dude was she married, Kim Kardashian is back on the market and allegedly wants an Australian boyfriend. One tick for me.

Throughout his entire run he’s running smooth and solid. Then, just when we think all is well and his run is almost over, he gooses the throttle and sends his ride sideways into a large curb! In fact the car hits with such force that it literally flips up on two wheels. Check it out…

A 6′6, 265 pound Dallas Cowboys tight end might have mistaken one of his team’s cheerleaders for an opponent during a Thanksgiving day triumph against the Miami Dolphins when he tackled the unsuspecting cheerleader to the ground.

During the game on Thursday, Jason Witten caught a pass from Tony Romo but as was tacked by the Dolphin’s defender as he reached the far sideline. On his way down, Witten swiftly grabbed the Cowboy’s Melissa Kellerman, bringing her down with him.

Kellerman seemed unharmed in the scuffle, and emerged with a surprised smile on her face. Watch it below.

Driver Eric Peterson’s XDR Firebird got out of shape almost immediately during a solo drag run and crashed almost head-on into the wall. Both tires on the car’s driver’s side were torn off, and the impact ripped the master cylinder from the firewall. The throttle cable was attached to the cylinder, so when the cylinder fell, the throttle controlling a 1,500-plus-horsepower engine got stuck wide open for more than a minute. Worst of all, the initial impact knocked Peterson unconscious, so he wasn’t able to do anything to intervene. Scary stuff!