Young gun, Aaron Jaws Homoki, lays it down in this short but sweet edit for independent trucks. This dude doesn’t need to be a 25 foot sea monster to eat everything in sight.

Random girls drunk as hell? Check! Snowboarding that’s creative and kills it? Check! Oh and then there’s some bails, fireworks, and other random stuff that’s gets your blood pumping!

The Bang Show, a crew based out of Colorado, present their latest teaser for “Back To The Boneyard” featuring Maxwell Scott, Nick Brewer, Greg Sudac, Alex Cutler, Charlie Deptula, Mike Goodwin, Jackson Fowler, Andrew Brewer, Billy Mackey, Chris Sypert, Josh Bishop and more.

An Australian Sea Lion attacks and eats a huge octopus in South Australia!

These amazing images were captured using National Geographic’s Crittercam in collaboration with the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI).

Hit the jump to find the Alcoholic Flowchart where you can follow the questions to find out what kind of drunk you are! So, what are you waiting for buddy? Let’s do this…Chop Chop :)

A project involving street wear brand TITS and famed photographer Estevan Oriol has been developing behind the scenes, and has now dropped with this behind the scenes look a photo shoot with the drool worthy Rosa Acosta. I’m glad this video was made, because Rosa Acosta sure is something else. Hubba hubba.

Honest directed and animated this rad little video using Google maps images. Looks like an awesome old school version of Grand Theft Auto to me :)

When it comes to mascots, their big heads and fluffy exteriors might lead one to believe they can’t be harmed.

But these super size teddy bears can be harmed! Just ask the University of Nevada’s mascot, Wolfie, who fell over the team’s baseball dugout during an exhibition game against the Reno Aces.

This is an oldie, but damn it’s a goodie.

Recorded sometime in the 70’s or 80’s, these crazy dudes jump off a 3 story building barefoot! Then they decided it would be rad to sprint through window panes of glass. And finally, why not jump through a window that is 3 stories high!

I find it classic that their master walks around with a walking stick, but hey, who am I to judge, now excuse me while I head butt through my computer monitor at a staggering ground floor height.

I recommend you watch this til the end, that guy’s leg looks like its seen better 3 story falls days.

Riders Greg Watts, Cam McCaul, Tyler McCaul, Andrew Taylor, and Aaron Chase get camera-ed up for the 2010 Post Office Jump Jam in Aptos, California. All captured with the GoPro HD Hero Camera.

If you enjoy the sound of a Lamborghini V10 engine, then you might want to watch this video. Three different Lambo’s cop a thrashing. Later today I’ll be thrashing my Grandma’s Honda while playing a recorded cassette tape of this video. Holla!

On her way to catwalk stardom, the gorgeous Kylie Bisutti was spotted hanging out by the pool of her hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada on Sunday afternoon. The 19 year old new face of Victoria’s Secret cruised around in a skimpy bikini, with photog’s snapping up shots as she took a dip. Stay tuned for more on this young lass.

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KR3W has released a short tour video of  Terry Kennedy, Antwuan Dixon, Spencer Hamilton, Furby, and Lizard King’s trip to Australia and New Zealand in late 2009. Plenty of familiar spots for our Aussie readers, and no shortage of hammers.

As ash from Iceland’s volcano continued to keep European airspace shut down over the weekend, affecting millions of travelers around the world, some government agencies and airlines clashed over the flight bans.

Some restricted airspace is now beginning to open up and some limited flights are being allowed now as airlines are pushing for the ability to judge safety conditions for themselves.

The volcano continues to rumble and hurl ash skyward, if at a slightly diminished rate now, as the dispersing ash plume has dropped closer to the ground, and the World Health Organization has issued a health warning to Europeans with respiratory conditions.

Collected here are some images from Iceland over the past few days thanks to ‘The Big Picture’ at

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I’m not even sure what to type about this, so I decided to sing a song about it: And a one, and a two, Oh chitty, you chitty, pretty chitty bang bang, chitty chitty bang bang we love you!

I want to try this but I want to ride a goat! Or a submarine, no wait, a foot-long meatball sub from subway…toasted with no pickles.


The watercraft has a 45 horsepower motorized surfboard that tops out at 40 mph. Call me old school, but I like to keep my surfing and my jet skiing separate, but I will let you choose what you do with your spare time.

Steve-O so desperately wants to keep Kate Gosselin in the “Dancing with the Stars” ballroom that he’s willing to sacrifice some ball room of his own. During a segment on “Lopez Tonight” he decided to show his support for George’s “Keep Kate” campaign by stapling a message to his sack!

Via: TMZ

Check out this spectacular moment in the WRC Rally in Turkey. Apparently Saluk hucked it close to 60 metres and then smashed his front wheel off when landing. Craziness!

At a Rugby match in Hong Kong, a couple of ballsy friends in animal suits storm the stadium with streaking antics. After one gets caught, the other one realizes it’s his time to shine. After the game, the coaches of each team took part in a bidding war to draft this guy into their team.