Walt Disney Animation Studios has released a 25 minute documentary titled A Day in the Life of John Lasseter, which follows Pixar Animation Studios as Chief Creative Officer and director of Cars 2 from the moment he wakes up through the end of his work day.

The documentary short was shot on March 23rd 2011, at the tail end of production on Cars 2. John is prepping a footage presentation which would be shown a month later at the movie theatre owner convention CinemaCon, approving shots on an iPad, and finding a creative solution which would allow the removal of the word “radiation” from the film due to the then recent incident in Japan.

We also get to see John’s Emeryville office, and a glimpse inside his Sonoma Valley house (complete with hidden passageways). Awesome!

Surfer Robby Naish visited Costa Rica in search of some of the longest waves in the world, which took him to the Pacific coast of the Central America country, specifically to Pavones and Boca Barranca. With his paddle board, Robby managed to ride a wave for 1.09km/0.68mi lasting for 2 minutes and 15 seconds.

We are quiet pleased this young man already has a fine understanding of throttle-induced over steer. Kid, we give you two thumbs up as well, bravo!

After hours of study, we can safely say the girl’s key mistakes were slamming into the ramp, soaring through the air without her bike, and slapping into the lake face first.

CKY have released the film clip for their new single ‘Afterworld’, with vocals from Chad I Ginsburg and featuring an appearance by Bam Margera. The band decided to dedicate it to Ryan Dunn, Jackass star, and close friend who recently passed away in a car accident.

Dunn text messaged Ginsburg about the video clip shortly before he passed away. “In the last text that Ryan ever sent Chad, he told him how much he loved ‘Afterworld’ and that it was his favorite CKY video.” -Jess Margera. Check out behind the scenes footage after the jump.

Top Gear recently tested the McLaren MP4-12C against the Ferrari 458 Italia.

Turns out that McLaren’s MP4-12C scored the second best time ever on the program’s track!

Check out the video below and watch the battle go down!

Kassam G goes deep with Lisa Ann, the adult film star most noted as playing Sarah Palin in the adult parody film, “Who’s Nailin’ Paylin?”. Check out some deleted scenes after the jump.

In this episode of Tattoo Age we visit Smith Street Tattoo Parlor where Dan Santoro works along with his shop-mates Bert Krak, Steve Boltz, and Eli Quinters. Dan takes a nostalgic view on how destiny landed him at Smith Street, and what a person can expect to find if they enter this hallowed bastion of traditional tattooing.

As most people are locked up in their offices or migrating south to escape the nasty weather, the Brothers Factory kids are taking over the deserted streets and urban outdoors. Their art; turning rails, walls and rooftops into sick features. But it all comes to a price, as they will be facing many dangers, such as the great protectors of the city!

‘For The Win’ host Mike Capes explains how to smuggle your favorite adult beverages into summer concerts and sporting events using a half dozen surprising objects, including an orange, a loaf of bread and, yes, a box of tampons.

Deathwish Skateboards are hyping their new video with this quick teaser, giving us a taste of the hi jynx to come. In typical OG Baker style videos, this will feature a whole lot more than just straight skateboarding.

Stay tuned for the release date. Until then, enjoy the video below.

In this video, Gav and Dan test out their “finger quickness” in the mouse trap challenge. Who will win? Well you won’t know unless you watch it!

Really I should have used the headline “39 year old ex-Playboy Model/Milf Shauna Sand nude on the mother f**king beach homie!” to get more traffic flow. But, since she has all her plastic bits and pieces covered up, it would have meant I was lying, and I don’t lie, besides that one time under oath. But who’s counting?

Carissa Moore tries her luck riding the infamous waves at JAWS for the first time with the help of big wave surfer Ian Walsh. Both Ian and Carissa have a microphone on the to get an extra dimension of what it’s like to be on the water.

Check out Ian Walsh doing the same thing here.

Burgers, bone marrow, bacon, liquor, friends and much more make up the ingredients to this mammoth burger.

Did I mention they deep fry it? Did I also mention they made 6 of them! That’s how they do it on Epic Meal Time.

One thing that Muscles Glasses will never share is his bacon. Ain’t that the truth.

Inspired by the photo below shot by Scott Pommier, Girl Skateboards presents ‘Unbeleafable’, a 3D skateboard film directed by Ty Evans. This is a good sign of skateboard video progression, with “Unbeleafable” being the first skate film to be released in both anaglyph (red/cyan) and full-color 3D versions.

If you have the right 3D glasses you can watch the 3D version after the jump, along with a behind the scenes video. If not, you can get a pair that are included with the August issue of Thrasher.

Venice Beach in California is a hot spot for strange characters, and this is how insecure men deal with their inadequacies. Welcome to the Theatre Of Life. Photo via Carlos R. Otero.

MSP’s latest triumph, Attack of La Niña, chronicles the deepest North American winter in recent history. This new film follows in the footsteps of ‘The Way I See It’, MSP’s 2010 release and the most decorated ski movie of all time.

Attack of La Niña showcases the talents of today’s best skiers in a journey through the snowiest winter of their lives. This action-packed film, captured using the most state of the art camera equipment available, demonstrates the limit of what is possible in modern free-skiing.

Featuring super steep descents, unbelievably deep powder, and giant airs, Attack of La Niña will transport you to Colorado, Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, California, and many other world class destinations.