One of the most secretly influential MCs of the last decade, Dizzee Rascal, has released an official mixtape to showcase his label’s talent.

The tape avoids the mainstream-aimed electro-pop and is filled with raps, mostly ones that are menacingly fast. Dizzee’s name is tellingly absent from the mixtape cover, though he appears on 14 of 22 tracks.

Almost nine years since the release of his first album, Boy in da Corner, his role here is essentially that of the marquee veteran, confident in himself but graceful enough to pass the mic to his team’s far hungrier supporting cast of Scrufizzer and the Newham Generals’ Footsie and D Double E.

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For once the “It’s not what it looks like” excuse is actually the truth. Innocent men looking for a new shirt get more than they bargained for when their wives and girlfriends notice some red lipstick on their neck. Things go from bad to worse when a sexy girl comes out of the change room with a satisfied look on her face.

This is what good friends do, I think. A man was attempting to drive home drunk with his daughter in the car, when a friend intervened. He was attempting to talk sense into the man, but that was not enough. To make the man come to his senses, he needed to be punched in the face and then choked out. Would you do the same for one of your mates?

From the TV show Toddlers and Tiaras comes Alana. Her catch phrase is, ‘A dollar makes me holler, honey boo-boo!’ That about sums the video up. The soda-addicted beauty queen from Georgia is dubbed as the ‘Most Hilarious Toddlers & Tiaras Contestant Ever,’ but that show is still far too messed up for me to laugh about it.

This is he very best Mike Tyson quotes, put into song form. Some of the greatest quote from all of history are in there. Is anyone else seeing the size of his neck?

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Tat·too: To mark a part of the body with an indelible design by inserting pigment into punctures in the skin.

Ad·dict·ed: Enthusiastically devoted to a particular thing or activity.

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I am here to tell you that there is another way. It’s not for everyone. It’s not the only way. It’s not the easier way. Actually, it is more likely to be the harder way. But I guarantee you it is the best way. It is simply this – follow your dreams.

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Be prepared to watch this one over and over. Best thing you’ll see for a while. Without a doubt, some of the most tech ramp riding ever put down, and somehow fast and stylish as hell too.

Mark Webb is on some other sh*t with some of these tricks. I can’t wait to see him throw down at this year’s contests. So good!

“Welcome to the Mark Webb show. 
Filmed and Edited by Chris Wilmshurst.
Shot over various sessions at The Ghetto Shed, Southwater Skatepark, and Farnborough.” – TotalBMX

Even if you don’t ride, you really should watch this…

So I just found out that Victoria’s Secret sell bikinis and lingerie. Up until today I just thought they sold nothing more than a good time.

It seems their new range has a Brazilian theme, so here they are on a beach in Bora Bora, which is close to Brazil if you consider the size of the universe as a reference.

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Watch as Robbyn Magby lands not one but two 360 flips off a kicker at Riley skatepark in Farmington Hills, MI.

Filmed with a Redlake N3 high speed camera at 1,000 frames per second.

Pretty sure this is called the ‘flippity flappity’ and those cows at the end sound like they need milking…

“My name is Christian Saint. I am the son of a drunk, womanizing, self-improving Belgium baker, with low-grade narcolepsy and a penchant for buggery. My mother was a 15-year-old web-footed French prostitute named Chloe.”

“I was raised by Belgians in the town of Bruges. There I was given my first scribe when I was 12-years-old and at the age of 14, a Zoroastrian named Wilma ritualistically shaved my testicles.”

“I spent my summers in Rangoon, took luge lessons, attended the British Intelligence Academy and spent six years in “Evil” Photography School.”

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Watch 2x Supercross Champion James Stewart break down the different elements of a supercross course at his home in Haines City, FL.

Breaking down his thought process frame by frame through the whoops and a giant whip. Shot using a high-speed Phantom camera.

I like the part where he rides a motorbike…anyone agree?

As most of you know, we have a crush the amazingly hot Britty brunette, Jessica-Jane Clement. Here are some of her sexy outtakes from Nuts Magazine. Hot diggity damn this woman knows how to push my buttons. What I really want to do is party with her at Charlie Sheen’s porno house. He has a porno house right?

This Audi Coupe S2 driver, racing in Austria’s Jänner-Rallye, executed what is clearly the best save of 2012 so far. Sliding wildly into a hairpin, he dodges photographers, spectators and a pile of logs, managing to stay on course and finish with the fifth fastest time on that special stage.

The wait for Metal Mulisha’s Black Friday is over!

Catch all of the progressive action from Wes Agee and Todd Potter’s world record 190 ft back flip to Brian Deegan’s fight against Dave Mirra at EllisMania 7 to Fitz’s insane helicopter dive.

Follow the crew as they travel to spots like Jacko’s Compound in Australia, Danimal’s Domain, and Potter’s Compound.

With never-before-seen footage of Jeremy Lusk and a special Ox tribute, this is definitely something you will want to be a part of.

Does rap music and video games make you a violent person? Personally I would have to say no. A slow internet connection might make me want to karate kick the fridge but that’s about it. What do you think fuels violence on our planet? How many people think it’s dollar dollar bills y’all?

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When you are born, you will share your birthday with 17 million people.You will grow 950km of hair. You will laugh an average of 18 times a day. You will walk equivalent of 3 times the circumference of the earth. You will eat 30 tonnes of food. In average, you will spend 10 years of your life in work, 20 years sleeping, 3 years sitting on the toilet, 7 months waiting in traffic, 12 years watching tv and 19 days looking for the remote. That leaves you one fifth of your life to live… So what are you waiting for?

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The Adidas skateboarding team created this awesome feature highlighting the beauty and skateability of Montreal, Canada.

Adidas carefully selected Montreal for this video because it is one of Adidas’ biggest growing markets, and its quality, variety and accessibility of spots.

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