Nike 6.0 just added Alex Coleborn to their UK flow. To kick things off the guys recently put together an insane edit for the website. Shout out to Tony Turk for showing us the light. Alex’s skills are so dope.

Unleashing her hotness in skimpy lingerie today is Elle Liberachi. Dibs. A man would have to pull out every move in the book to bag this dime piece. No farting, dinner at KFC and let her ride in the front seat. That’s the way to treat a lady.

Insomniac teases us with yet another live-action trailer for the upcoming sequel to their first person shooter series.

This time we get just a bit of actual game play footage, and a release date: 9/6/2011. This smells of the movie District 9, I loved that movie so I think I love this also.

ESPN will add Snowboard Real Snow to the Winter X Games 15 to be held January 27-30. X Games will host the videos of eight of the world’s best snowboarders (seen above) competing for prize money and medals.

All videos will air during the Winter X Games telecast. Like the Real Street competition, Real Snow athletes will be given the opportunity to team with an editor to partner on the production of the video and present their vision, their way.

This Panda has all the females in his zoo enclosure riding his bamboo shoot with all that swag. His album is dropping 2011 which will include tracks ‘My Fur Coat’ and ‘Endangered Swag’.

Check out the video below showing just a snippet of Panda’s film clip coming soon.

The birds in New Guinea remind me that we are the aliens living on our own Pandora, even if we don’t have spider-monkeys and ride pterodactyls.

Check out this one bird’s weird mating dance. You watch this video while I go run around in the jungle trying to bang blue chicks.

Anthony Pettis pulled out this amazing kick during an MMA bout, bouncing off the fence to landing perfectly on the jaw of his opponent. With skills like that, it’s only logical to assume that he is actually Spiderman. Go Spidey go!

Rosa Acosta has been working hard so that next year will be better. Although I think if I had this calendar hanging up I wouldn’t get anything done.

Press play to have you socks blown of. Warning: If you socks spontaneously blow off it is not because of this video, you might have a problem with your A/C.

On one of the first runs for the Pac Performance RX3, driven by Rodney Rehayem, the car got out of control with some tire shake spearing Rodney into the left lane!

Knowing there was another car in the left lane Rodney automatically steered the RX3 back into the right lane. Before he knew it the throttle was jammed, crashing the car into the wall. Thankfully Rodney is OK, minor injuries and shock, but main thing is he will be back.

Welcome to a day in the life of Fantasy Factory’s Chris “Drama” Pfaff.

Watch Drama as he goes through a daily routine of managing his clothing brand, Young and Reckless, and still having the time to produce music at the Fantasy Factory. This dude is killing it, no doubt about it.

This dude riding the fan has some nice aerial skills. I’ve always wanted to do this so I lay 10 fans on the ground. Five minutes and a whole pack of band-aids later and I realized I’d better leave this to the professionals.

Video game developers have been making realistic cars and buildings for years, but LA Noire is set to take facial realism to the next level.

Like many others I enjoy playing video games but I actually enjoy the technology that goes into creating them just as much.

Check out the video below where Rockstar Games takes us behind the scenes of their new technology called “MotionScan”.

I am so excited to see this implemented in all of the games that are produced in the future.

Whatever they pay this chick to pose in lingerie, it isn’t enough. They at least need to throw in a free bottle of baby oil. Let’s see where this goes…

TRON: Legacy has finally hit cinemas, and to commemorate the premiere interactive design company Eness went ahead and built an interactive projection-mapped skate ramp. The event saw Will Hine, Harley Powell, Alexi Dowley and Jay Huggins skate the half pipe that was fitted with interactive lighting software.

Jessica Biel and Megan Fox, Wearin’ nothin’ but their socks, Is all I really want for Christmas this year!

Japanese girls with no restraint, Just to choke me when I faint, Is all I really want for Christmas this year!

Ooh, giggity!

Check out this amazing highlight video from the last ten days on the North Shore. Nothing goes down at this place without being documented. One of the best surfing videos I’ve watched in a while for sure.

Go behind the scenes with Professor Green and his crew as they perform the Alive Till I’m Dead tour.

We’ve noticed a lot of people always look to America for rad new talent when there’s constantly dope artists blowing up in other countries. Pro Green for example is killing it in the U.K right now. We recently interviewed him as well, you can check that out HERE.

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For some reason, Brazilian girls are all hot! Book me a plane ticket before I run to the beach myself and swim there. I will eat 20 tins of beans, float on my back and become a human jet ski.

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